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Auto Seed Banks

Faster, Stronger, Easier & Just Plain Better!

Fully autoflowering cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for beginners & time-challenged experts. Regardless of experience level, you'll love the improved power, speed & simplicity that today's auto seed banks have to offer. They'll definitely change the way you collect weed seeds!

  • Extremely Easy
  • Very Affordable
  • Intense Potency
  • Shortest Cycles
Autoflowering Seed Banks

The Rhino Has All Your Favourite Brands

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Top-Rated Auto Seed Banks

Expand Your Horizons with Fully Automatic Cannabis Seeds!

Whether you're a raw beginner or an expert collector, you'll love the new autoflowering hybrids offered by the world's best auto seed banks. These cannabis seeds deliver on cue in record time without any complicated lighting schedules. Talk about easy!

It's true that early automatics weren't nearly as strong or effective as their more traditional counterparts, but those days are ancient history. Today's auto seed banks have unlocked the genetic code required to create incredibly fast autoflowering hybrids with absolutely no compromise in power, yield, flavour or intensity. Try 'em once & you'll be back for more!

Stealth is the name of the game for many of The Rhino's favourite auto seed banks. Imagine filling your patio or closet with tiny dwarves, like the Joint Doctor's Betty Boo, that stay well under 30 cm & get the job done in 60 days or less from bean. That's a feat that deserves its own spot at Ripley's Believe It or Not!

If space isn't an issue, some of the newer auto seed banks are putting out real monsters with unbelievable yields. Sound too good to be true? Don't take our world for it - check out Auto Pounder by Auto Seeds for a truly insane seed with Jack & the Beanstalk vigour.

However, our absolute favourite has to be Blue Treacle Automatic Feminized by Feminised Seeds. Even pure cane sugar would call these babies sweet & the power is off the hook with a 65-day or less finish from bean. The Rhino swears it'll be your favourite too, and if the repeat orders are any indication, he's absolutely right!

Even the amazing cannabis seeds offered by our network of auto seed banks can't compete with Rhino Seeds' rapid dispatch system. Order your beans today, and your perfectly discreet package will be knocking on your door in practically no time. We're crazy fast!

Take a Look at What These Auto Seed Banks Have to Offer!


  • • Beginner-Friendly
  • • Multiple Cycles Per Season
  • • On Par with Traditional Seeds
  • • Most Strains Represented
  • • Autoflowering Seed Banks!

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