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Best AutoFlowering Seeds

All Automatics Are Not Created Equal!

To identify the Ruderalis hybrids that consistently out-perform the rest, Rhino Seeds has combined customer feedback with sales figures to create this smokin' hot list of our Top 5 Automatic Seeds. Buy one of the world's best autoflowering seeds today & join the 21st century - It could change your life forever!

  • Rapid Speed!
  • Fierce Power & Yields
  • Savage Flavour
  • Easy, Simple, Foolproof!
  • Buy Autoflowering Seeds Now!
Best Autoflowering Seeds

The Rhino's Top 5 Autoflowering Seeds

Next-Generation AutoFems by Top Breeders Make All the Difference!

Live Life on Easy Street - Collect the World's Best Autoflowering Seeds!

Kick back, relax & let these next-generation AutoFems do all the work! Using a magic formula that combines Indica, Sativa & Ruderalis genetics in precise amounts, these advanced autoflowering hybrids are incredibly fast & easy without compromising power, flavour, yield or effect. You have to love that!

Automatic AK Female Advanced Seeds Low Girl Advanced Seeds Sweet Dwarf Joint Doctors Lowryder 2 Joint Doctors Easy Ryder Lowryder #2 x AK47 Feminised Seeds

Auto AK Female - Get Ready to Be Seriously Blown Away!

Faster than a speeding bullet, Auto AK Female by Advanced Female Seeds delivers total annihilation in 65 days or less - from seed. She's all AK-47, only better, with fierce power, top-rated yields & savage flavour.

Low Girl - Get Down & Dirty in Only 60 Days!

Always operating on the down-low, Low Girl is a stealthy favourite with extremely fast finishes & little need for attention. These autoflowering cannabis seeds are real shorties too - perfect for balconies, patios or closets.

Sweet Dwarf - Behind Her Sweetness Lies A Real Killer!

Advanced Seeds strikes again with another 60-day wonder. This time, it's Sweet Dwarf with off-the-hook THC ratings and a flavour so sweet it'll give you diabetes. Don't let her sweet attitude or small size fool you - Sweet Dwarf is a real killer. Be careful with this one!

Lowryder 2 - The Original Autoflowering Powerhouse Gets a Major Makeover!

The original Lowryder was a major breakthrough, but Lowryder 2 is insanely better. The Joint Doctor refined this genetic marvel to take the hardiness, yield, power, quality & mind-blowing effects to the very edge of possibility - then he gave them an extra push! You won't be disappointed with this AutoFem!

Easy Ryder - A Cool Name for the Best AutoFlowering Seed of the Bunch!

Last but definitely not least, the Joint Doctor's Easy Ryder finishes off our Top 5 list of the world's best autoflowering seeds. Easy Ryder combines Lowryder #2's epic greatness with the extreme power & dankness of the legendary AK47 for an outstanding new hybrid that finishes in just 60 days from seed. So tempting!

Top Quality Seeds

Double Berry
Easy Kush
The Widow

Why Buy Autoflowering Seeds?

Today's fully refined & tested autoflowering hybrids are light-years ahead of any
other type of cannabis seed. No longer considered watered-down imitations of "real"
weed seeds, these marvels of genetic engineering can actually outperform many
traditional strains in about half the time & with half the work.

For the newb, this is a veritable godsend, but even the most experienced collectors are recognizing the value of high-performance automatics. These marijuana seeds are practically foolproof with flash finishes, no complications, full-blown yields & mind-blowing power. Put an end to the insanity today!

Critical Feminized Seeds Macro View of Bud


Everything about Critical is 10 or 20% better that we were expecting, and we were expecting it to be seriously good!

From £19.99
OG Kush

OG Kush

Regarded as highly sought after and a hardcore indica not for the faint hearted..don't just take our word for it!

From £14.49
Double Berry Seeds

Double Berry

We are not joking, Double Berry is the tastiest there is! These are top quality marijuana seeds..

From £7.99
The Widow

The Widow

The most hardcore white widow ever to be produced! Immense THC production with very high yields.

From £7.99
Knockout Cannabis Seeds


.Savagely strong but with an energetically uplift, the results are dramatic....

From £12.99
Automatic AK Female

Automatic AK

These feminized seeds stay within the 50 to 80 cm range making them an excellent choice for stealth or guerilla.

From £11.99
Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple Chunk

Welcome to the No.1 Pineapple Chunk - this is the most eagerly anticipated strain we've ever seen on rhino seeds.

From £13.99
Blueberry Twist Seeds

BlueBerry Twist

It's called Blueberry Twist, and this is the most outlandish Blueberry ever.

From £11.99


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