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Black Label Seeds

Crafting 5-Star Cannabis Seeds Since the Psychedelic 70s!

One of the Oldest & Most Reliable Names in the Cannabis Industry!

The Black Label Seeds Company has been kicking ass & taking names since the 1970s when weed ruled! The winner of countless awards & the creator of too many legendary cannabis seeds to count, Black Label has slowed down a little, but they're still shaking things up at Rhino Seeds!

For Proven Power, Buy Genuine Black Label Seeds Today!

Black Label Seeds

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Black Label Blue Berries Seeds

Black Label Blue Berries Seeds

Blue Berries is a POWERFUL Indica with a fresh aroma and a fruity taste! Experienced growers and novice alike are fond of this Cannabis strain because the tips are often a purple-blue color and are ve

Black Label Holland's Hope Seeds

Black Label Holland's Hope Seeds

Producing heavily and strong product at that, Holland’s Hope is sure not to disappoint! This strain is loved by many for its low maintenance, strong high, and broad appeal.

Black Label Jack Herer

Black Label Jack Herer

These world-famous seeds are a must for every serious grower. A multiple cup winner that is excellently suited to indoor cultivation. To be frank, this strain is irresistibly good.

Black Label Master Kush Regular

Black Label Master Kush Regular

Experienced growers give this strain props for its ability to produce extraordinary flowers that present a mild (strong but not racy) and extremely pleasant high that is unique to its own kind.

Black Label Neville's Haze Seeds

Black Label Neville's Haze Seeds

Even if you happen to be a Haze connoisseur, this strain will most likely impress you. From Black Label Seeds, Nevilles Haze is a strong and sticky Sativa plant with the most incredible high that one

Black Label OLE 47 Seeds

Black Label OLE 47 Seeds

Olé 47 was developed in the seventies by Black Label Seeds. This well-known Cannabis variety has a particular reputation for its very strong high. The Hazy genetics paired with the Indica influence

Black Label Sensi Star Seeds

Black Label Sensi Star Seeds

Sensi Star was the ABSOLUTE winner of the Highlife Cup and High Times Cup in 1999. Since then, it has continued to be a resin-rich Indica with a distinctive and delightful aroma that people know and

White Widow Seeds

White Widow Seeds

A legendary champion, White Widow is a frosty favourite! With high yields, speedy finishes and beastly power, White Widow will do more than satisfy your needs – it’ll win your heart!

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Black Label Seeds - 40+ Years & Still Going Strong!

This legendary breeder might be getting a little long in the tooth, but they still know how to frost a high-powered cannabis seed like no other. Black Label Seeds continues to shock the weed world with classic strains filled to the bursting point with incredible power, exceptional quality & tongue-tingling flavour.

Black Label Seeds keeps it old-school with an epic collection of cannabis seeds in a traditional, non-feminized format. Many think this choice retains a higher level of quality, power & yield, but one thing's for sure - you simply can't beat these prices if you're looking for a magnificent White Widow, an absolutely perfect Jack Herer or a fabulous Master Kush!

You don't have to take our word for it! The powers that be at every major cannabis festival from HTCC to Spannabis to the Martian Weed-o-Rama say Black Label Seeds is the mutt's nutts. And, at The Rhino's prices, you can afford to try them all!

Do Yourself a Favour & Buy Official Black Label Seeds Today!

Black Label Seeds Summary

  • • Very Old School
  • • Legendary Classics
  • • Extremely Affordable
  • • Award Winning Seeds

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