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To make it easy for you to check out legal medical marijuana dispensaries on American’s Left Coast, has put together a comprehensive directory complete with first-hand user reviews so that you know what you’re getting into before you drive down to check them out.

If you live in that area and have your MMJ card, it’ll save you a lot of time by helping you narrow down your choices to a few that have the kind of vibe you’re looking for while the rest of us dream of a time when the entire world has this many options.

The list is long, so you can spend hours browsing or check out a few The Rhino liked best:

Sparc San Francisco Patient & Resource Center

Located on Mission Street, Sparc is a non-profit group that lab tests its products so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting (they even test to make sure their buds are mold free) plus they offer low-cost medical services including traditional medication in addition to their affordable line of MMJ. If you’ve got a true health need, this is the place to go in the Bay area according to

Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood

According to one reviewer, Snoop’s favourite MMJ doc works here, so that’s good enough for us, but if you need to know more, here’s what has to say – you can always find the dank at Alternative Herbal Health! The picture shows a clean showroom that anyone would be comfortable walking into. “Donations” are described as compassionate, which we take to mean affordable.

The Ganja Gourmet of Denver

In Mile-High City, the place to go for great MMJ is The Ganja Gourmet on South Broadway. Unlike most California dispensaries that rely on uncontrolled, outdoor harvests or chemical-laden hydro, the Ganja Gourmet only serves up 100% organic MMJ grown in soil just like nature intended. After all, if you’re looking for a true alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, isn’t that exactly what you’d want?

The Rhino knows that most of you aren’t near a legal dispensary, so he’d also like to share the other stuff on that’s useful to all. They’ve got some of the most in-depth strain reviews we’ve seen along with some detailed recipes for Medibles if that’s your thing. Check ’em out!

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Wanna Know It All? Check Out Cannabis Lifestyle TV!


It’s not hard to find advice about everything from cannabis seeds to medibles with a quick Google search, but it is extremely difficult to find someone you can trust. Sure, everyone means well, but that doesn’t help when you’ve just bought some beans that don’t turn out as expected or you waste your last few grams of dank in a failed medibles experiment.

Rob Corbett, a media professional and cannabis enthusiast, along with a few of his friends found that, while most people are very generous with the amount of information they are willing to put out on YouTube and other sites, the majority are poorly organized, hard to understand or filled with stuff that’s just plain wrong. Who hasn’t been caught up in that insanity at some point?

That’s how he came up with the idea for Cannabis Lifestyle TV, a new, professionally produced web series designed to give the cannabis community the information they want & need without all the typical bullsh*t that wastes your time, your energy and your resources. CLtv is currently hosted on YouTube, but the group is launching an independent website using the same name as we speak. It should be live by the end of November 2015.

Of course, Rob couldn’t do this all on his own – it’s way too big of a job for any one man, no matter how much he loves fine weed. He lives in Michigan, a medical marijuana state in the US, and has brought together of very knowledgeable and passionate team of cannabis experts from his area to help him help you. At this time, the crew includes Dub-C, Jordan, Trey & Sid in addition to Rob. Watch a few of their videos & you’ll see that they know their sh*t!

On Cannabis Lifestyle TV, you’ll pick up lots of tips and tricks that will help you with everything from pushing your cannabis seeds as far as they can go to making some gobsmacking-good medibles to rolling a perfect spliff, but The Rhino can’t get enough of their strain reviews!

Before you hit the dispensary in a legal area or buy a not new weed seed anywhere else, check to see if CLtv has a review. So far, there are only a few on the channel, but this group has just got started. There will be more – that’s for sure. Right now, our favourite is the Grand Daddy Purp video.

If you’ve ever wondered if Ken’s pics are photoshopped, CLtv will clear that up in about 2 seconds. In addition to stats and a smoke report, each strain review gets up close & personal with some finished buds for clear, high-def views that’ll leave you drooling in anticipation. Check one out & you’ll see what we mean!

Don’t see what you’re looking for on Cannabis Lifestyle TV today? As we mentioned, this is a new & rapidly growing site, but they’re also a friendly bunch – hit them up with a request & they’ll do their best to help you out. Chances are – if you want to know, so does someone else.

Do Yourself a Favour & Subscribe to Cannabis Lifestyle TV Today!

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Ireland Promises to Follow Portugal’s Lead & De-Criminalize Most Drug Use


They haven’t done it yet, but Ireland has announced plans to de-criminalize the possession of small quantities of drugs including cannabis, heroin and cocaine very soon. If caught, the person would be offered counseling, treatment and other types of support rather than fines, jail time and a criminal record. That’s a major step in the right direction!

How It All Went Down

Richard Branson Leaks UN Report – Dr Monica Beg who heads the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime was expected to release a report calling for world-wide decriminalization of narcotic drugs. Dr Beg’s position states that criminalizing drug use is a health problem and stands in the way of treatment, recovery and disease prevention. When the report was not released, Branson published it on his own blog along with comments about the “refreshing” cultural shift.

Aodhán Ó Ríordái Calls for a More Progressive Attitude Towards Drug Use in Ireland – In an interview with The Irish Times, Ríordái, the Minister of Ireland’s National Drugs Strategy, indicated that the Republic should have a more liberal attitude when it comes to drugs and drug use. He even proposed that Ireland could reduce the shame surrounding drug addiction by implementing official injection rooms where addicts would have access to medical supervision and clean needles.

The Government Follows Up With an Official Report – The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality published an official report that states Ireland’s future direction should be more like Portugal’s, eliminating the criminal penalties for drug use. Instead, the country should take a more compassionate approach that either helps drug abusers turn their lives around, or at the very least, allows them to use in safer way.

Will It Be a Complete Free-for-All?

According to Portugal, it won’t be. Portugal has managed to take the burden off both their police force and court system so that they can concentrate on bigger problems. They have not seen a surge in drug use or a massive inflow of drug addicts from other countries, and they even have a successful program than helps recovering addicts re-enter the workforce.

Naysayers point to the cost of safe injection rooms and other programs and complain about the additional burden on the taxpayer. Proponents believe that shifting drug abuse and addiction from a moral issue to a health problem should make these changes pay for themselves by eliminating the need to catch, prosecute and jail offenders, reducing the amount of residual crime like theft and cutting down on health problems like HIV and Hepatitus C.

What do you think? The Rhino wants to know!

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Hit Me Baby, One More Time … With 28 Pounds of Pot!


It’s not uncommon to hear about mystery debris falling from the sky and landing on cars, roofs & what have you, but a Nogales family got a real surprise after something went bump in the night this past September 8th.

When the Donnelly family awoke, they found out that the loud noise they heard wasn’t thunder or a massive block of frozen airplane poo but a 28-pound brick of marijuana that had crashed through the roof of their carport, landing on, and destroying, a plastic dog-crate. Luckily, the family pet, a German Shepherd named Hulk, was not harmed.

The Donnelly home in Nogales Arizona is only about 1000 feet from the Mexico border, so authorities are guessing that the plastic wrapped, duct-taped package either fell from the smuggler’s plane or the pilot made a mistake when calculating the drop point. Drone usage was another possibility.

The local authorities also estimated the 28 pounds of Mexican cannabis to be worth about $10K on the street – that’s $357/pound or $22 and change per ounce. Pretty cheap, huh? (Very different numbers compared to when someone gets busted for possession or manufacture)

It will cost the Donnelly’s house around $500 to repair their carport & replace the broken dog crate, and the cops are now in possession of the package. Guess what did the Donnelly’s friends & family wanted to know: Why the hell did you call the cops?

What would you do if you got hit with a pot bomb in the middle of the night with no one the wiser?

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Introducing Auto CBD Sugar Gom – 16% CBD, 70 Days or Less!


You’ve asked The Rhino for cannabis seeds with substantially more CBD than THC & he’s delivered – with the help of Seedsman & CBD Crew! This dynamic duo partnered up to cross a super-sticky Sugar Gom strain with CBD Crew’s automatic breeding stock to create a magical new hybrid that, during testing, had consistent CBD to THC ratios between 1.5:1 & 2:1 with actual CBD reaching the 16% mark with practically no phenotype variation.

  • Up to 16% CBD with 8% or Less THC
  • Fast. Beginner Friendly & Mould Resistant
  • Extraction Friendly – Copious Resin
  • A Real Game Changer for MMJ Seeds

Auto CBD Sugar Gom Seeds is a real breakthrough, and we’re predicting this is only the beginning of a flood of new hybrids with ever increasing CBD levels paired with lower & lower THC values. According to the experts, this combination gives the highest therapeutic value with the potential to help with a wide variety of ailments including cancer, glaucoma, inflammation, insomnia, anorexia, pain and anxiety.

If you’ve given up on combustion in favour of healthier oils & concentrates, Seedsman’s Auto CBD Sugar Gom is a great choice. In just 70 days or less, this fully autoflowering seed is capable of pumping out up to 120 gr/seed of buds with an extra-thick coating of trichomes that are perfect for extractions. The flavour is a rich mix of citrus and coffee with earthy notes, and the bud to fan ratio is very high making for an easy trim – and we all love that!

At Rhino Seeds, we’ve priced both our recreational and medicinal seeds extra low so that all collectors can afford to get not only what they need, but what they want! Remember – if you find your new cannabis seeds cheaper and in stock at any other VAT-registered seed bank in the UK within 30 days of ordering, let us know and we’ll make it right!

Order Your Auto CBD Sugar Gom Seeds Today – They’re Sweet!