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Hit Me Baby, One More Time … With 28 Pounds of Pot!


It’s not uncommon to hear about mystery debris falling from the sky and landing on cars, roofs & what have you, but a Nogales family got a real surprise after something went bump in the night this past September 8th.

When the Donnelly family awoke, they found out that the loud noise they heard wasn’t thunder or a massive block of frozen airplane poo but a 28-pound brick of marijuana that had crashed through the roof of their carport, landing on, and destroying, a plastic dog-crate. Luckily, the family pet, a German Shepherd named Hulk, was not harmed.

The Donnelly home in Nogales Arizona is only about 1000 feet from the Mexico border, so authorities are guessing that the plastic wrapped, duct-taped package either fell from the smuggler’s plane or the pilot made a mistake when calculating the drop point. Drone usage was another possibility.

The local authorities also estimated the 28 pounds of Mexican cannabis to be worth about $10K on the street – that’s $357/pound or $22 and change per ounce. Pretty cheap, huh? (Very different numbers compared to when someone gets busted for possession or manufacture)

It will cost the Donnelly’s house around $500 to repair their carport & replace the broken dog crate, and the cops are now in possession of the package. Guess what did the Donnelly’s friends & family wanted to know: Why the hell did you call the cops?

What would you do if you got hit with a pot bomb in the middle of the night with no one the wiser?

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Introducing Auto CBD Sugar Gom – 16% CBD, 70 Days or Less!


You’ve asked The Rhino for cannabis seeds with substantially more CBD than THC & he’s delivered – with the help of Seedsman & CBD Crew! This dynamic duo partnered up to cross a super-sticky Sugar Gom strain with CBD Crew’s automatic breeding stock to create a magical new hybrid that, during testing, had consistent CBD to THC ratios between 1.5:1 & 2:1 with actual CBD reaching the 16% mark with practically no phenotype variation.

  • Up to 16% CBD with 8% or Less THC
  • Fast. Beginner Friendly & Mould Resistant
  • Extraction Friendly – Copious Resin
  • A Real Game Changer for MMJ Seeds

Auto CBD Sugar Gom Seeds is a real breakthrough, and we’re predicting this is only the beginning of a flood of new hybrids with ever increasing CBD levels paired with lower & lower THC values. According to the experts, this combination gives the highest therapeutic value with the potential to help with a wide variety of ailments including cancer, glaucoma, inflammation, insomnia, anorexia, pain and anxiety.

If you’ve given up on combustion in favour of healthier oils & concentrates, Seedsman’s Auto CBD Sugar Gom is a great choice. In just 70 days or less, this fully autoflowering seed is capable of pumping out up to 120 gr/seed of buds with an extra-thick coating of trichomes that are perfect for extractions. The flavour is a rich mix of citrus and coffee with earthy notes, and the bud to fan ratio is very high making for an easy trim – and we all love that!

At Rhino Seeds, we’ve priced both our recreational and medicinal seeds extra low so that all collectors can afford to get not only what they need, but what they want! Remember – if you find your new cannabis seeds cheaper and in stock at any other VAT-registered seed bank in the UK within 30 days of ordering, let us know and we’ll make it right!

Order Your Auto CBD Sugar Gom Seeds Today – They’re Sweet!

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Dr Krippling is in the House!

Dr Krippling

It’s about time a new UK breeder stole the spotlight from all those Spanish & American upstarts! That’s right, Dr Krippling is a confirmed Brit through & through with offices located right on Gloucester Street in The Big Smoke. The good Doc can’t breed there (’cause that would be illegal) so he’s spread his herbal clinics all around Europe where medicating isn’t frowned upon.

But don’t worry, this gear is all Doctor Krippling approved, tested & recommended!

Don’t tell anyone we let it slip, but Dr Krippling is more of a mad scientist than a medical doctor when it comes to his line of exSEEDingly good cannabis seeds. Bypassing the NHS at every turn, this geezer makes his own rules with a massive gene pool that includes hundreds of strains from all across the globe. His crew pops hundreds of weed seeds weekly, always in search of their next super producer!

Some names you’ll recognize, some will be completely new, but all will be completely stable with astronomical power, ginormous yields & bone-krippling highs thanks to a continuous effort to fine tune and further perfect every single strain in this line up.

You … will … love … them! You won’t be able to help it.

We’ve just started to populate the Dr Krippling Seed page on the Rhino Seeds site, so check back frequently for the next must-have strain. Here’s what we have so far:

Grab yours today! These are selling really fast, especially The Incredible Bulk!

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Migraine Coming On? Toss the Aspirin & Grab a Bud!

medical marijuana

Anyone who’s ever suffered from migraine headaches knows the drill. Pop a pill, take a shot or prepare to suffer not only the pain but unbearable nausea, light sensitivity and, sometimes, the dreaded next-day migraine hangover. And, that’s if the pills work for you without troubling side effects.

Years ago, before cannabis was vilified, many British doctors recommended toking up to prevent headaches and many smokers swore by this simple remedy. They would quickly tell you that cannabis could not only fix their migraines, but mild, regular use seemed to prevent them in the first place – or at least drastically reduce episodes.

As this all-natural herb was made illegal, common sense was tossed out the window, giving migraine sufferers few viable alternatives other than triptans and, more lately, Botox. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather take a few puffs than take a massive shot of poison to my forehead.

Now that scientists and the medical community are starting to recognize that marijuana really could have a great potential for medical use, they’re taking a second look at how cannabis could help with migraines.

According to an article in The Journal of Neuroscience as well as a review of past studies published by Cleveland’s Headache and Facial Pain Clinic, marijuana and triptans (the most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical treatment for migraine headaches) may deliver relief from headache pain by working with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

In fact that’s how one of the most commonly used over-the-counter pain reliever (acetaminophen, also known as paracetomol or Tylenol) works as well. That’s shouldn’t come as any surprise now that research has also shown that the brain has 10 times more CB1 cannabinoid receptors than opiod receptors. Many are now hopeful that these studies will also lead to more effective and less addictive options for chronic pain of all types.

So, where does this leave you? If you suffer from migraines and live in a place where it’s legal to medicate, ask your doctor what he/she thinks about it, or do your own experiment. For the rest of us, hold onto your triptans and remember to vote for legalization whenever you can. Change is on the way!

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The Studies are In: Cannabis Prevents Diabetes


Courtesy of Skley at flickr through creative commons.

Diabetes was once a rarely rare condition, but cases have increased dramatically over the past few decades across all demographics. Diabetes can frequently be easily managed through diet and other lifestyle changes, but that’s not always the case.

Untreated or undertreated Diabetes can result in unregulated glucose levels flowing through the blood causing damage to practically everything in the human body and resulting in a host of related problems ranging from blindness to loss of limbs due to poor circulation to death.

However, the May 2015 edition of Epidemiology reports that the more you toke up, the less likely you are to develop diabetes mellitus – a whopping 30% less which is a shocking difference.

To come up with that result, the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Michigan State University reviewed eight different independent computer-assisted surveys that asked patients about their current cannabis habits and if they’d had a recent diabetes diagnosis.

The results clearly showed that the smokers were less likely to contract diabetes, but the evidence is not strong enough to do more than recommend the theory for more study. At least that’s a move in the right direction.

But wait – there’s more. The American Medical Journal reported in 2013 that full-blown stoners had more good cholesterol and better fasting insulin levels than occasional or non-smokers, giving them a better resistance to Type II Diabetes. And, the British Medical Journal published a similar study in 2012. Researchers believe that that anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties of cannabis are what does the trick.

To back up the scientific data with anecdotal evidence, I’d like to add my own personal story. No, I don’t have diabetes, but I do have a friend that does. He has Type 1 Diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes, the kind you’re born with & never get rid of. Everywhere he goes, he carries his test kit with strips, needles and a vial of insulin just in case.

About 10 or 12 years ago, when legalization was very far off for most places, his doctor remarked about how good his numbers were during an exam and asked what he’d been doing. My friend was honest & said, “I’ve been smoking a lot of pot.”

According to my friend, the doctor replied with, “Well, it seems to be working, so keep it up.” How cool was that? Especially considering more than a decade would pass before any kind of law to legalize cannabis would pass where we live.

So, smoke up, my friends, if you’re in a place where it’s legal to do so – it could save your life – not just cure you, but keep you from getting sick in the first place.

Peace, Health & Good Karma to all …

The Gorilla