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‘Tis the Season – For British Outdoor Mix!

Get a Cannabis Seed 5-Pack Designed for Cooler Climates

Living in the UK is way cool, but the climate only gives ambitious collectors a very short window to get started each year. By the way, that’s NOW! Instead of wasting your time with weed seeds that need the tropical heat to do their thing, check out Feminised Seeds British Outdoor Mix!

Feminised Seeds hand-picked this collection for peak performance in damp, cool climates just like we have in the British Isles. If you thought it was impossible to succeed in the fog & rain, it’s time you gave it one more try with the British Outdoor Mix!

The British Outdoor Mix Includes 5 Outstanding Seeds

The British Outdoor Mix includes five distinct varieties optimized for the great outdoors. Each one offers a different set of features, but at this price, their identities are being withheld for their own safety! All we can say is that these super-secret beans are not available individually or in any other package. Oh yeah – they also have an amazing amount of power for a very low price!

Here’s a little more info about these brave beauties who are ready to brave an unforgiving climate just for you:

  • 5 Distinct Strains Designed Specifically for Harsh UK Weather
  • Hardy and Mould Resistant – No Sick Babies Here!
  • A Mix of Indicas and Sativas – Amazing Variety
  • Potent, Powerful and Affordable – Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Get Your British Outdoor Mix Now!

Rhino Seeds Is The UK’s Top Choice for Cannabis Seeds!

The cannabis experts at Rhino Seeds are always looking out for their UK brothers and sisters! Growing up in this climate, we know how challenging it can be to collect in this type of climate as well as how hard it can be to get a great cannabis seeds at an affordable price.

To help you out, we do whatever it takes (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) to give you:

  • The Lowest Prices on the Best Beans from the World’s Top Breeders
  • Fast Shipping that You can Depend On
  • Secure Ordering to Protect Your Personal Info
  • World-Class Customer Service – Just Because We Care!

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