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Cannabis Seeds Information from Rhino Seeds

The ABC's of 5-Star Cannabis Seeds

For educational & entertainment purposes only.

Cannabis Seeds Info

Canadian Cannabis Seeds
Here's a growing list of Canadian seed breeders here.

Cannabis Seed Catalogues
Download the latest cannabis seeds catalgues from our breeders

Cannabis Cup
Some back-ground reading on the Cannabis Cup - if there's more you would like to see in this ariticle then please contact us and we will see if we can slot it in!

Cannabis Cup 2010
Latest information regarding the Cannabis Cup 2010!

How to Feminised Seeds
Everything you ever needed to know about how feminised seeds are produced!

Pure Sativa Seeds
We've listed all the PURE Sativa Strains on one page, so if its a PURE Sativa strain you're looking for look no further!

Pukka Cannabis Seeds
Everything you need to know about pukka seeds!

Seed Bank
Seed Bank Reviews from the Top Cannabis Seeds Provider Online.

Seed Shop
Rhino Seeds is the biggest Seed Shop in the World today!

Growing Cannabis
Growing Cannabis is still illegal!

Low Odour Seeds
For educational purposes only!

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Best of the Best!

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Weed Seeds
Cannabis Weed Seeds - everything you could ever think about saying about weed seeds, and more!!

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Critical Feminized Seeds Macro View of Bud


Everything about Critical is 10 or 20% better that we were expecting, and we were expecting it to be seriously good!

From £19.99
OG Kush

OG Kush

Regarded as highly sought after and a hardcore indica not for the faint hearted..don't just take our word for it!

From £14.49
Double Berry Seeds

Double Berry

We are not joking, Double Berry is the tastiest there is! These are top quality marijuana seeds..

From £7.99
The Widow

The Widow

The most hardcore white widow ever to be produced! Immense THC production with very high yields.

From £7.99
Knockout Cannabis Seeds


.Savagely strong but with an energetically uplift, the results are dramatic....

From £12.99
Critical Feminized Seeds Macro View of Bud


Everything about Critical is 10 or 20% better that we were expecting, and we were expecting it to be seriously good!

From £19.99
Blue Treacle Automatic Feminized

Blue Treacle

This seductive strain is as sweet as sugar, but don't let that fool you. This naughty girl knows how to put out with wicked yields and savage

From £12.99


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