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5 Star Cannabis Feminized Seeeds as Standard

Why not pick a Feminized Seed with that little something extra? When you grab your cannabis seeds from this selection provided by the truly magnificent Feminized Seeds Company, you are guaranteed to get one of the most in demand strains on the planet.

Plus, with a seed by seed guarantee, one way or the other you will have your choice of delicious cannabis seeds on your doorstep in no time at all.

With years of experience breeding the world's favourite cannabis seed strains, the Feminized Seeds Company has delivered a stunning selection of their top seeds for you to enjoy.
Hurry up and pick your seed below now before these incredible seed sell out!

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British Outdoor Mix British Outdoor Mix

..NEW...ultimate outdoor cannabis seeds! All cannabis seeds in this pack are robust, hardy and require minimal attention..

Big Bang 2 Big Bang 2

they've taken Big Bang and somehow squeezed another 20% from it! Shaved, spruced and now wearing a '5-star' suit, the yield from Big Bang 2 is astonishing...

Super Cheese Super Cheese

..it's flavors are not anything less than spectacular, it's a truly staggering and an epic smoke that redifines the meaning of cheese. Take the best cheese strain's on the market...

Chronic Chronic

..Our Chronic is suprisingly elegant and savagely good. How can this possibly be better that original Chronic, i kid you not - It is!Do not for one minute be fooled by it's com...

Easy Kush Easy Kush

..Looking to get started? Easy Kush is the ideal beginner cannabis strain, promising great returns from minimum attention. Her flowering time is short and her returns are fantastic...

Critical Critical

Everything about Critical is 10 or 20% better that we were expecting, and we were expecting it to be seriosly good! Critical is just incredible, it's well balanced with a heart that is fabulously savage..

Double Berry Double Berry

We are not joking, Double Berry is the tastiest smoke there is!, she is full of zest and has a flavour which is completly unique. The Feminized Seeds company set out to breed the tastiest smoke there is, they came up with Double Berry. She pleas...

Indoor Mix Indoor Mix

LIMITED SUPPLY Due to high demand we are now offering mixes.

This does not contain super cheese!

Super Iced Grapefruit Super Iced Grapefruit

She looks like her sister Iced grapefruit on steroids, flowering time is only 8 weeks, making this accessible for the likes of ALL, not just connoisseur enthusiasts!

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Seeds are sold for collection purposes only - Germinating cannabis seeds is still illegal. Copyright © 2013 Rhino Seed Bank All rights reserved. Link to Rhino Seed Bank