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Pure Sativa Seeds

The Cannabis Seeds That Started It All!

For eons, Cannabis Sativa grew wild in the rugged mountain regions to the northwest of the mighty Himalayas. Over time, this natural herb spread throughout the world creating new varieties along the way as it adapted to changing conditions. For raw power, go straight to the source with Pure Sativa Seeds!

  • Uplifting Effects
  • Crystal Clear
  • Extreme Quality
  • 100% Pure!
Pure Sativa Seeds

100% Pure Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Energizing, Motivating & Uplifting!

For the Highest Level of Quality, Choose Pure Sativa Seeds!

True connoisseurs look to Pure Sativa Seeds more often than any other breed to satisfy their incredible need for absolutely perfect smoke. Unadulterated Sativa is the epitome of happy, euphoric smoke with upbeat effects that lift the mood, energize the body & free the soul! It's everything that excellent cannabis seeds should be!

When collected in a region where it's legal to bring these beauties to fruition, Pure Sativa Seeds are tall and elegant with enormous foxtail nuggs. The flavour, fragrance and uplifting effects are second to none, and the bag appeal is outstanding.

Patience is critical when you collect Pure Sativa Seeds. These monsters reach enormous yields, but they also require more time and space to reach their true potential. First timers should probably pass on these advanced strains until they have a wealth of experience.

Skip the Couchlockers!

Don't confuse Pure Sativa Seeds for Sativa-dominant hybrids. A little bit of Indica
makes any bean more indoor friendly with a faster finish and a shorter stature,
but you won't get the quality or the clarity you're looking for. To get 100% Pure Sativa
for the most affordable price, pick authentic strains from this page. You can always trust Rhino Seeds to give you exactly what you crave!

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Critical Feminized Seeds Macro View of Bud


Everything about Critical is 10 or 20% better that we were expecting, and we were expecting it to be seriously good!

From £19.99
OG Kush

OG Kush

Regarded as highly sought after and a hardcore indica not for the faint hearted..don't just take our word for it!

From £14.49
Double Berry Seeds

Double Berry

We are not joking, Double Berry is the tastiest there is! These are top quality marijuana seeds..

From £7.99
The Widow

The Widow

The most hardcore white widow ever to be produced! Immense THC production with very high yields.

From £7.99
Knockout Cannabis Seeds


.Savagely strong but with an energetically uplift, the results are dramatic....

From £12.99
Blueberry Twist Seeds

Blueberry Twist

the most outlandish Blueberry ever, let's cut straight to the chase - her flavor is insane, both...

From £11.99
Automatic AK Female

Automatic AK

These feminized seeds stay within the 50 to 80 cm range making them an excellent choice for stealth or guerilla.

From £11.99


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