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Regular Seed Banks

Old School is New Again!

Many breeders, both old & new, only supply all-natural, non-feminized cannabis seeds because they strongly believe that unaltered genetics deliver the highest levels of quality, power, safety & yield. To collect weed seeds the way nature intended, check out Rhino Seeds' elite team of regular seed banks!

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  • Old-School Techniques
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  • Extreme Value
Regular Seed Banks

The Rhino Has All Your Favourite Brands

Only the Most Reputable Seed Banks Qualify

The Best Regular Seed Banks The Cannabis Industry Has to Offer

Kick It Old-School with The Rhino's Favourite Regular Seed Banks!

Shhh - don't tell anyone, but you can create an awesome collection of cannabis seeds without ever buying a single feminized seed. Don't think so? Check out the extreme power & total awesomeness supplied by the regular seed banks featured at Rhino Seeds.

Stoners throughout history got along just fine before anyone even thought about genetically modifying this lush, all-natural herb. Even Queen Victoria's doctor prescribed weed for her monthly aches & pains, and you can bet those babies weren't feminized!

The Rhino's list of regular seed banks includes some of the world's most beloved old-school breeders that never bought into the feminization process like KC Brains, but some of the newer seed banks are passing on the feminization process, as well. Two of the best to ever walk this retro road are Sin City Seeds & New Era Genetics.

Bet you're already wondering why a new seed company would make this somewhat risky choice - we certainly did. Their answers made total sense. By using all-natural breeding techniques, the best traits of both parents are passed down more consistently to the new hybrid for less variation, more power, increased flavour, better yields & stronger mind-blowing effects. Sounds righteous, doesn't it?

Now, let's check out the reasons more & more people are buying regular cannabis seeds. With the growing interest in MMJ, many patients want to know exactly what they're getting so they look for all-natural genetics that haven't been exposed to any toxic chemicals. Second, you can get almost twice the quantity for the same price when you buy 5-star cannabis seeds from a regular seed bank. That's quite a bargain!

If you want a real deal, buy all your marijuana seeds - regular, feminized or autoflowering - from Rhino Seeds. By concentrating on the UK market, we're able to bring our herd the lowest prices on the best brand-name beans with the fastest delivery. Now, that's true value!

Order Your Traditional Cannabis Seeds from The Rhino's Network of Regular Seed Banks!


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