Stealth shipping includes two very important things. We will use additional packaging to make your package even more discrete and you'll get ONE free reship should the first go missing.

    If you DO NOT PURCHASE our stealth shipping service, we WILL NOT replace your shipment if it does not arrive due to problems in transit.

      By purchasing stealth shipping, you agree to these additional conditions:

      • We may repackage your items if we decide doing so will increase the chances of their arrival. Reasons can include your location or how well the breeder packs fit within our available packaging.

      • You will receive ONE additional shipment if the first is lost before it arrives at your address. If the second shipment is lost, we can not replace your order for a third time. Please order at your own risk.

      • We WILL NOT RESHIP if you gave us the wrong delivery address and the shipment is not returned to us.

      • We WILL NOT RESHIP if tracking shows your shipment was delivered to the address you provided when you placed your order. Please contact your local postal service if this happens.