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Afghani Hindu Kush thumbnail

Afghani Hindu Kush

Afghani Hindu Kush is a very strong Indica. It has strong buds and the smoke is very heavy. Tastes like sweet hash.
Californian Orange Skunk thumbnail

Californian Orange Skunk


This strain is ideal for the inexperienced grower. It's very easy to cultivate under different conditions. Orange hairs will cover the buds. Tastes as sweet as candy.

Durban Poison Amazing Special thumbnail

Durban Poison Amazing Special

This is a beautiful strain from Swaziland, mainly Sativa. It grows in to a big plant with large buds.
Four Way Special thumbnail

Four Way Special

Ghandi thumbnail


This F1 cross is bred for outdoor cultivation but also gives amazing results in a greenhouse and indoors.
High Quality Seeds Early Girl Regular thumbnail

High Quality Seeds Early Girl Regular

Early girl is a perfect strain for beginners, being highly resistant to diseases. It finishes outdoors in late September. Nice high.
Northern Light thumbnail

Northern Light

This short, powerfully built strain with compact buds and good yields is a very lucrative plant. Nice resin production, great variety.
Northern Pride thumbnail

Northern Pride

As an enhanced version of the much beloved Northern Lights, Northern Pride is more than good – it’s perfect! Northern Pride can reach as high as 20% THC with 300 to 400 gr/m2 of smooth dried smoke. Th
Original Big Bud Super Skunk thumbnail

Original Big Bud Super Skunk

Great Skunk hybrid, a must for all commercial growers because of its very high yield. Big buds with a sweet taste.
Original Hawaiian Maui Wowie Skunk thumbnail

Original Hawaiian Maui Wowie Skunk

Large plant with thick round leaves until it reaches maturity. Real Hawaiian characteristics, a tropical smell and taste.
Original Haze x Skunk thumbnail

Original Haze x Skunk

This F1 hybrid has the good qualities of Skunk #1. Its a big plant, producing leaves with 11 or 13 fingers and hard buds. Sweet-sour taste.
Original Highway Delight thumbnail

Original Highway Delight

This is one of our strongest outdoor varieties. It can withstand lower temperatures. Its a short but strong plant with wide growing leaves.
Outsider thumbnail


Outsider can stand cool temperatures. Its a very strong, powerful plant which can be harvested early.
Skunk 3 x A2 thumbnail

Skunk 3 x A2

Skunk 3 x a2 plays a strong role among modern indoor strains. This short but full plant performs well indoors and in a greenhouse. Great smell, fantastic taste.
South African Durban Poison x Skunk thumbnail

South African Durban Poison x Skunk

This strain is an F1 cross from Durban, South Africa, which grows very tall. The plant has huge leaves and long sticky buds with many offshoots.
South India x Skunk thumbnail

South India x Skunk

South India Skunk produces long, slim female plants. That's why they can be planted closer to each other.
Swazi x Skunk thumbnail

Swazi x Skunk

Beautiful strain from Swaziland, mainly Sativa. Sweet hash-like taste and a great flower to leaf ratio with very tall buds and a very nice high!
White Pearl Feminized thumbnail

White Pearl Feminized

Nothing’s more luxurious than glistening White Pearl Feminized! This potent member of the White Family has 20% THC paired with lush, relaxing body stones. White Pearl Feminized cures to an exorbitant
White Rose thumbnail

White Rose

This pure Indica with a very high yield is well suited for hydro or similar systems. This “white” variation with lots of resin tastes sweet, with a high T.H.C. level.
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