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Full Moon thumbnail

Full Moon

Full Moon Seeds from the Sativa Seedbank - by definition this is a Pure Thai Weed! South East Asia Genetics, this tropical sativa packs an almighty punch which delivers a sweet scent and its signature
Sativa Seeds Blackberry thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Blackberry

If you love the darker strains, you’ll lust after Sativa Blackberry! By the time this beauty finishes, it’s a deep, dark purple that’s about as close to black as you can get. Bursting with power and f
Sativa Seeds Blackjack thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Blackjack

Black Jack from the Sativa Seedbank - probably one of the very few Jock Horror crosses available. Bred from steady genetics you can have complete faith with this strain. She produces huge crystal n
Sativa Seeds Eldorado thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Eldorado

Wow what a great strain - she takes some time to flower and produces only thin and not so dense buds, BUT what an intense high - fully of inspiration and motivation!
Sativa Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui

Add a taste of the islands to your collection with Sativa Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui! A powerful example of Sativa-dominant genetics, this tropical beauty is a legendary, old-school strain that retains al
Sativa Seeds Haze 13 thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Haze 13

A way-cool Sativa, Haze 13 is intense! Very cerebral with an unbelievable rush, Sativa Seeds Haze 13 can reach 24% THC for soaring power.
Sativa Seeds Jock Horror thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Jock Horror

Sativa Seeds Jock Horror Auto-flowering Seeds. Produced from a Northern Light male and a Skunk Haze Ruderalis Female, she stands short and stout with a rich coating of THC glands. Distinctive Sativa h
Sativa Seeds New York Power Diesel thumbnail

Sativa Seeds New York Power Diesel

New York Power Diesel from Sativa Seeds feminized. NYPD's has an outstanding THC content 15-24%!! has the effect of a lemony flavour and the diesel-like aroma that inspired its name.
Sativa Seeds Raspberry Cough thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Raspberry Cough

Sativa Seeds Raspberry Cough Feminized is a highly recognized medical strain thanks to its clear high and relaxing properties. An unusual plant covered in red hairs which can develop into blue in cool
Sativa Seeds Royal Flush thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Royal Flush

With Royal Flush, you never have to bluff to come out on top! A savage Sativa with a unique flavour, Royal Flush is a proven winner with a dangerous amount of power.
Sativa Seeds Sterling Haze thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Sterling Haze

The Sativa Seedbank have crossed their Haze with Northern Light. This is a classic F1 hybrid.
Sativa Seeds Urban Poison thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Urban Poison

The Sativa Seedbank have crossed their Durban Poison with Northern Light. This is a classic F1 hybrid.
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Latest Sativa Seedbank review

Full Moon

organicboy, 06 June 2011
Long flower period (14 to 17 wks) and more short and bushy than most sativas. All else is as described.