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Big Fatty thumbnail

Big Fatty


As the name suggests, Big Fatty produces huge sweaty buds without compromising quality. Type : Indoor/Outdoor...Sativa/Indica

BubbleGum thumbnail


Bubblegum was our first contribution to the seed world in 1993. Over the last decade it has proven, through numerous awards and world wide fame, that this plant is here to stay. We successfully inbred
Burmese Kush thumbnail

Burmese Kush


Burmese Kush, AKA BuKu, is like OG Kush after a case of Red Bulls. This powerful hybrid has all of the original strain’s power & unique flavour plus an electrifying 50-day finish. To cut to the chase,

Da Purps thumbnail

Da Purps


The long awaited first Purps hybrid is here! We’ve coupled this almost mystic female Purps with a great Afghani male and kept the original spicy flavor of the Purps while piling on just a bit more resin.

DarkStar thumbnail



This cannabis seed sounds like a Darth Vader special, but DarkStar is actually a super-potent, extra-soothing medicinal strain. DarkStar has dense rocky nuggs, interplanetary power and skyrocketing yields!

Electric Lemon G thumbnail

Electric Lemon G


Electric Lemon G lives up to its name, literally. Thanks to the incredible vigour & power infused into Electric Lemon G by Teslaponics, TH Seeds’ new electrifying propagation method, this shocking cannabis seed took 2nd place at 2011 HTCC!

Heavy Duty Fruity thumbnail

Heavy Duty Fruity

One Word "Monstrous" will describe this plant. A huge producer with giant cola's will make any "bud waver" happy. Absolutely the best indoor producer we have seen yet. Ideal for planted method 20-30 p
Honeymoon thumbnail



A beautiful double Purple cross grown at 800 m. It is 60% Sativa and 40 % Indica. It has a lovely aroma and a sweet flavour. Great for hash.

Kal-X thumbnail


Resin, resin, resin, that is the goal here. We crossed our best hash producers together, and guess what it made .... a resin encrusted plant, that makes great hash, with very dense buds, thick and slo
Kushage thumbnail


Direct from the Hollywood strip, Kushage brings instant Cali power to the rest of the weed world! Kushage is a premium mix of OG Kush and legendary SAGE that hits fast and keeps on coming!
Lambo thumbnail



Pull out your camos & greasepaint – Lambo is the perfect guerilla-grade weed seed. It’s fast, bug & mould proof and coated in big sticky nuggs. Perfect for any type of environmental conditions.

MK-Ultra thumbnail


MK-Ultra has a long list of credentials! It’s the child of legendary G-13 & equally impressive OG Kush, winner of both the 2003 & 2004 High Times Cannabis Cups and source of the best head highs on the
Mendocino Madness thumbnail

Mendocino Madness

This one of our fastest hybrids. We crossed a Northern Cali plant called "Madness" that would finish the first week in September with our fastest male breeder plant, that was responsible for the origi
Mr Bubble thumbnail

Mr Bubble

KALI MIST x BUBBLEGUM These two Cannabis Cup winning varieties brought together in 1995 by "accident" prove to be the perfect match . The spiciness and clear strength of the Kali Mist is grounded by
PG-13 thumbnail



Parental guidance is not suggested though a bit of munchies will help after you have experienced our new HP hybrid! We’ve taken the world famous HP-13 via Maui & NY and crossed it with our G-13 male.

Puna Budder thumbnail

Puna Budder

Looking for something exotic? Superior Hawaiian genetics dominate the plants appearance, smell, and taste. Stable Afghan lines smooth out the flowering times to a respectable 55-60 days, making this a
SAGE thumbnail



Nothing takes you higher than TH’s signature SAGE! This Sativa-dominant hybrid is crystal clear with gargantuan nuggs, 20% THC and very low CBD.

Sage n Sour thumbnail

Sage n Sour

TH Seeds would never marry their baby to just any old seed – but Sour Diesel is no ordinary weed seed! A partnership made in pot heaven, Sage ‘n Sour is pure bliss. The flavours are decadent, the powe
Skunk XXX thumbnail

Skunk XXX


A stabile 3-way hybrid. A Old favorite from our Skunk Collection.

Stinky Pinky thumbnail

Stinky Pinky

This is a beautiful, mostly Indica variety that has pink pistils highlighting some of the plants very distinctive budding pattern, rounded main cola with a "crown" of buds and not much more below, gre
Showing 1-20 of 23

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