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Thanks to its slightly dominant sativa side, the high delivers a great bodystone with a lovely head high. Spliff Seeds AK has a rapid flowering time and a super high THC level.
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Overall Spliff Seeds BlueBerry is a short, sturdy and stocky plant producing heavy but compact buds. She has candle shaped calyxes, medium to large. In ideal conditions these calyxes can turn purple.
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BubbleGun is known for is solid, THC coated buds. Growth is vigorous during both veg and flower, so constant pruning attention is required. Yield is good in ideal conditions, and the buzz is longlasting, energetic and uplifting.
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Dutch Automatic

Spliff Seeds Dutch Automatic has improved stability, increased yield and higher THC than any of it's predecessors. There is no grow period, however she tends to be quite leafy. The first pistils how as early as 2.5 weeks and 2 phenotypes exist. Dutch A
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Dutch Hope

Fast flowering, Massive Buds, Pest resilient, very mould resistant, and a knockout high are what you can expect from Dutch Hope. Can become tall outdoors, and produces some very big yields in optimum conditions.
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Haze 1

Haze No.1 a mainly sativa plant from Spliff Seeds, Haze No.1 flowers in weeks 10-12 but will actually continue to flower beyond week 12. If you allow her to flower longer that 12 weeks the THC will be reduced and CBD increased resulting in a more stoned h
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Jack F1

Jack F1 is an early flowering sativa which takes on a Indica appearance. Resin production is high and the buzz is cerabal and relaxing. Buds are entirely covered in snowy crystals. For best results Jack F1 should have plenty of space. Being sativa dominan
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K2 is a mainly Indica strain producing an abundance of resin.K2 is a hardy plant, highly resistant to budrot. K2 is very easy to grow compared to other cannabis plants from the white family. Fast flowering with a large quantity of side branches, the bree
Northern Lights Special thumbnail

Northern Lights Special

Northern Lights Special is a fast flowering big resin producer thats Ideal for SOG. She produces a strong, stoned high. The plant has a high bud to leaf ratio so trimming shouldn't be time consuming
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Polm Gold thumbnail

Polm Gold

Polm Gold has a unique hash aroma and a woody earthy flavor, If you're looking for a good Indica, then Spliff Seeds Polm Gold is highly recommended!
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Power Plant

90% Sativa. South African genetics. Bittersweet odour and lemon flavour. Lots of resin. Ultimate commercial plant with big yields. Energetic, rushing high. Potential THC level high. Power Plant was created in Holland, but her mother originates from South
Purple Power thumbnail

Purple Power

Purple Power looks great, it really does, leaves turn from purple to dark bue during the later stages of flowering, Purple Powers Dutch Hope and Skunk No.1 Parents are enough to ensure a high quality product.
Royal Thai thumbnail

Royal Thai

Royal Thai takes slightly longer to mature, but we assure you its well worth the wait! Yield is ridiculously high and resin production is massive too. The high is uplifting and clear.
Santa Marta thumbnail

Santa Marta

Skunk No.1 thumbnail

Skunk No.1

Skunk No.1 is easy to manicure thanks to its high bud-to-leaf ratio ( as with many cannabis seeds from Spliff Seeds), buds are large and take on the typical skunky aroma and flavour!
Spliff Seeds Afghan thumbnail

Spliff Seeds Afghan

Spliff Seeds Afghan has a good Bud to leaf ratio, making this very manageable and allows light to penetrate the upper canopy. Buds are very large, almost stretched but Firm and solid.
Spliff Seeds Master Kush Regular thumbnail

Spliff Seeds Master Kush Regular

Super Skunk thumbnail

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is the original skunk from Spliff Seeds has a medium-high THC level which gives a euphoric head high and relaxing physical stone. Good at resisting mould, east to trip and super fast flowering time.
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Sweet Durban

Sweet Durban is Spliff seeds 100% pure sativa, she reaches 1.5 m indoors and a towering 2.5m outdoors. Yields are surprisingly good for a Durban strain with recorded weights of 300gr/m2.
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