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Apollo 13 Indica thumbnail

Apollo 13 Indica

Apollo 13 Indica matures at near warp speed! This resinous beauty produces super-sticky, stash-busting yields in just 7 short weeks. A scrumptious cross of Genius and P75, Apollo 13 is a pungent super star!
Apollo 13 Sativa thumbnail

Apollo 13 Sativa

Apollo 13 Sativa always hits hyper-drive! Extra-sticky and totally psychedelic, Apollo 13 Sativa gets the job done in just 7 to 8 weeks. This pungent mix of Genius and P75 delivers rockin’ yields and a mega-ton of sticky power.
Cole Train thumbnail

Cole Train

The Cole Train is a Humboldt, CA local strain. Jasmine, a mid 90’s Silver Haze Hybrid, was crossed with the Train Wreck (T4) male. The result is a large yielding, early finishing strain developed in Coastal California that strives in marginal conditions.
Connoisseurs Mix thumbnail

Connoisseurs Mix

Kandy Kush thumbnail

Kandy Kush

This is OG Kush crossed with Train Wreck (T4) so you wont be dis-appointed. Classic stretch of the OG Kush that bulks up and fills out like the TW to give you OG flavor and TW nugs. Once again we bring the medicinal benefits and the great taste of the OG
Kosher Kush thumbnail

Kosher Kush

If you're looking for the absolute best weed of your life, you have to try Kosher Kush Feminized! This super-stinky Indica has won multiple HTCC Cups, a few Spannabis titles and the title of Best Strain of the Year for 2011! With Kosher Kush Feminized, t
Purple Wreck thumbnail

Purple Wreck

Urkel is one of California’s most sought after strain. It demands the highest price in any circle. It was crossed with the Train Wreck (T4) male. This improved the vigor of the Urkel, a notorious slow grower. The Purple Wreck has large Train Wreck buds wi
R.K.S thumbnail


This i If you're looking for that stinky, sticky green that smells like a skunk, this would be the strain for you. High calyx to leaf ratio and good yields makes the R.K.S. the perfect plant to grow indoors or out. She will finish in the first week of O
Silver Bubble thumbnail

Silver Bubble

Silver Bubble has been available at the Grey Area Coffeeshop in Amsterdam for years - Only no it is available to the rest of the world. The Silver Bubble is a balanced mix of 1/4 Northern Lights, 1/4 Skunk and 1/2 Haze. A very mould resistant strain that
Silver Kush thumbnail

Silver Kush

Sweet Timer thumbnail

Sweet Timer

Sweet Tooth is known for a pink grapefruit flavor and short flowering times. Old Timer is a very resinous, easy to grow strain. Combined, they make this cross an excellent strain for beginners to grow. This strain produces heavy yields every time. She gro
The OG #18 thumbnail

The OG #18

A multi-cup champion, The OG #18 is an extraordinary OG Kush phenotype that’s so good it deserves its very own name. The OG #18 is bigger, fatter, stronger & stickier than any other OG Kush variety.
Tora Bora thumbnail

Tora Bora

Tora Bora is a almost pure strain it a is a cross of some of the more recent cannabis genetics LA Confidential and Inidica X18 Pure Pakistani. Tora Bora has an extremely powerful flavor and a modest yield. Tora Bora is very distinctive and is well known
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