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White Widow Feminized
3 / 5
Planted two packs one was widow the other was rhino (packs of five). All but one widow germed well.Since it was first time grow i vegged them too long. It was for 5 weeks under a 110 watt flourencent they were all approx. between 15 to 18 inches tall. They were flowered under a 400 watt hps in a grow tent for 8 weeks exactly.They all came down due to people calling and smelling them.Drinking associates periodically through good mate so no real trust!!!Paranoia, one blabbed to other people so gut instinct was confrimed!!So watch smell emitting from closed bedrooms!They all ended up between 5.5 and 6 foot when in 11 litre square tubs.The widow was my favourite by far.It was up interesting and mentally stimulating.It promoted laughing on most times of use (especially that episode of family guy when he discovered his ancestor was black, i laughed my tits off out loud in a flat by myself hysterically) this was noticed a few times!! It was trippy as well with the usual random associations pooled together to form truely twisted theories and conspiracies but no panic.Had i harvested it properly with magnifying glass it would of been really really good . As it was 3 to 5 large skinners was enough for a whole nights blast.even less if not partying with mates! Despite stories of hermies with fems i only discovered about 5 seeds in 9 plants! I was happy with this company's seeds. The rhino was not my thing too stifling dull and anti social obviously indicas must not be my faves.the next day you were wrecked also. Probably good for medical uses they say! i would buy the widow again but intend to try something different next. Despite the bad rap the greenhouse sometimes gets on forums i really liked that one strain! though as the only thing available here in N.Ireland is soapbar(fake depressing ineffective shit which misses the mark) which i stopped buyiny ten years ago anything would be good.Smoking apart from last harvest is limited to trips to the dam and other holidays.I will check other companies out to see if the widow varies and if the greenhouse with its claim to be the ones to of won the prize for it in 94 is justified.Independent research seems to be the order of the day!!
The Goldengolly,
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