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Seedsman White Widow Feminized 100 Bulk Pack thumbnail

Seedsman White Widow Feminized 100 Bulk Pack

It just doesn’t get cheaper than this! With the Seedsman White Widow Feminized 100 Bulk Pack, you get 100 uber-sticky feminized seeds with legendary power for one low price! If you don’t believe us, do the math. Pound for pound, absolutely no other deal i
Skunk Haze thumbnail

Skunk Haze

Sacred Seeds created the original Haze in the late 1970s. The Skunk x Haze hybrid, combines the excellent effect and taste of Original Haze with the increased yield & shorter flowering period of Skunk
Skunk Mix thumbnail

Skunk Mix

Skunk Mix from Seedsman is a mixture of Skunk No. 1 and Skunk hybrid strains.
Skunk No 1 thumbnail

Skunk No 1

Skunk No. 1 was the first true stabilized Hybrid to enter the Dutch Cannabis greenhouses. Sacred Seeds created it in the late 1970s from Afghani Indica, "Acapulco Gold" Mexican Sativa and Columbian Go
Sleestack X Skunk #1 thumbnail

Sleestack X Skunk #1

Seedsman does it again! This bulk pack of Sleestack X Skunk #1 is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen. For less than many standard-sized packs, you get 100 premium cannabis seeds. Sleestack X Skunk #1 is a hashy, Sativa-dominant hybrid with clear, cerebral highs.
Sugar Haze thumbnail

Sugar Haze

Sugar Haze is a fast flowering sativa dominant haze strain with a THC potential of around 23%. This strain has a sweet taste but is a heavy hitter and not recommended for the occasional user. Th
Swazi Redbeard thumbnail

Swazi Redbeard

Swazi Skunk Seeds thumbnail

Swazi Skunk Seeds

Originating from Swaziland (South Africa), Swazi is a high yielding and resinous pure sativa, which gives a strong natural effect. The cross with Skunk No. 1 sped up the flowering cycle and increased flower and leaflet size and potency. Swazi Skunk has a
TOP Skunk 44 thumbnail

TOP Skunk 44

The Resinator thumbnail

The Resinator

Top Skunk 44 thumbnail

Top Skunk 44

Velvet Bud thumbnail

Velvet Bud

This is a close relation of our Purple Bud. We remastered our original Purple Skunk variety to give a plant with a much smoother smoke hence the name Velvet Bud.
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

Gleaming like a shining star in a dark wasteland, White Widow Feminized is your new guiding light! A potent mix of Brazilian and South Indian genetics, this Sativa-dominant hybrid produces a bounty of
White Widow Seeds thumbnail

White Widow Seeds

White Widow known for its resin coated buds, knock out stone and a lower yeild than average. Seedsman has developed this strain over the last 7 years and has succeeded to increase it to a medium yield
Wonder Woman thumbnail

Wonder Woman

This Wonder Woman trades in her golden lasso for super-trippy power that’ll send you flying. Filled to the brim with THC-enriched resin, Wonder Woman is an incredibly strong. Sativa-dominant mix of th
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