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Auto Assassin thumbnail

Auto Assassin

Auto Assassin is a deadly mix of AK-47 and a super-secret Short Stuff Sativa! A potent autoflowering strain, Auto Assassin delivers on queue with total precision. For guaranteed results including a mi
Auto Assassin Feminized thumbnail

Auto Assassin Feminized

Auto Assassin Feminized is a formula for disaster! This strain mixes a deadly AK-47 with a super-secret Short Stuff Sativa for killer highs and wicked yields in just 8 short weeks. Knock ‘em dead with
Dr Feelgood thumbnail

Dr Feelgood

No one knows what you crave better than the highly sympathetic Dr Feelgood! This potent autoflowering Indica is extremely medicinal with couchlocking stones & very high yields. Tiny Dr Feelgood prescr
Dr Feelgood Feminized thumbnail

Dr Feelgood Feminized

Ready to go from achy mess to highly relaxed coolness? Dr Feelgood Feminized is the potent Indica dwarf that can make it happen! Short, fast & automatic, Dr Feelgood Feminized pumps out up to 50 grams
Himalaya Blue Diesel thumbnail

Himalaya Blue Diesel

With a background that includes NYC Diesel, Blueberry and Nepalese Kush, Himalaya Blue Diesel is just as tasty as it is powerful. A full-on automatic, Himalaya Blue Diesel offers up a mega-dose of Ind
Himalaya Blue Diesel Feminized thumbnail

Himalaya Blue Diesel Feminized

Himalaya Blue Diesel Feminized has it all! It mixes up Blueberry, Kush and Diesel with both feminized and autoflowering features and a couchlocking stone. If you’ve been looking for a strain that no o
Mi5 thumbnail


Short for “My Indoor Number 5,” MI5 is a potent automatic created by crossbreeding a top-shelf AK-47. Highly resinous and euphoric, MI5 is a killer strain.
Mi5 Feminized thumbnail

Mi5 Feminized

MI5 Feminized is resinous, euphoric and super easy! A rich cross of AK-47 genetics, MI5 Feminized is a potent Indica/Sativa hybrid that will lift you up and make you laugh your ass off.
Russian Rocket Fuel thumbnail

Russian Rocket Fuel

A potent mix of NYC Diesel and a righteous Indica, Russian Rocket Fuel is raw power packed into a stealthy little package. With a valuable automatic feature, Russian Rocket Fuel is already counting do
Russian Rocket Fuel Feminized thumbnail

Russian Rocket Fuel Feminized

Are you ready for liftoff? With automatic power and a highly euphoric effect, Russian Rocket Fuel Feminized is ready to carry you wherever you need to go! Russian Rocket Fuel is a high-yielding shorti
Sharkbite thumbnail


Brave enough to let Sharkbite sink its powerful teeth deep enough to reach your very soul? This new White strain is loaded to the gills with THC, & it’s very stealthy at just 10 to 25 inches tall. Best of all, Sharkbite pays off in just 8 weeks!
Sharkbite Feminized thumbnail

Sharkbite Feminized

If you’re brave enough to tempt Sharkbite Feminized-infested waters, a bounty of smooth, seductive smoke will be your just reward. Sharkbite Feminized is a tiny autoflowering dwarf with high THC level
Short Stuff #1 thumbnail

Short Stuff #1

Starting at just about HALF the price as the original Lowryder, Short Stuff Seeds offers this strain that was developed by their growers in the Netherlands.
Short Stuff Automatic Mix thumbnail

Short Stuff Automatic Mix

Get a real bargain with Short Stuff Seeds’ 20 seed packs containing a mixture of all of their available strains and a few experimental surprises! Experience the differences between their several diff
Short Stuff Onyx thumbnail

Short Stuff Onyx

Short Stuff Seeds is harboring a mysterious secret! Unlike most seed banks that freely publicize the work that went into their newest strains to generate a little buzz, Short Stuff Onyx is being kept
Short Stuff Seeds Blue Himalaya thumbnail

Short Stuff Seeds Blue Himalaya

By taking the most abundantly producing, most crystal encrusted Nepalese Kush plant they could find with their new automatic line and THEN adding in a complex Blueberry hybrid, Short Stuff Seeds has p
Short Stuff Seeds Blue Himalaya Feminized thumbnail

Short Stuff Seeds Blue Himalaya Feminized

This exotic little lady brings the mystery of the Orient to your collection! A new hybrid developed by Short Stuff Seeds, Blue Himalaya Feminized is a complex mix of Kush, Blueberry, and an unnamed au
Short Stuff Seeds Onyx Feminized thumbnail

Short Stuff Seeds Onyx Feminized

By mixing several vibrant hues, you’ll eventually create a rich black with more depth than any pre-made pigment. Although the exact mix is a trade secret, Short Stuff Onyx Feminized has earned her nam
Snowryder thumbnail


Snowryder is a frosty knockout with a blizzard of power! This autoflowering cannabis seed is one of the strongest on the market with a thick coat of THC-enriched resin and heavy Indica stones. With Sn
Snowryder Feminized thumbnail

Snowryder Feminized

Just like dynamite, Snowryder Feminized packs a mega-ton of explosive power in a tiny little package! At just 10 to 15 inches tall, Snowryder Feminized is one of the smallest and most potent autoflowe
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