Aliens Jackd Up
If you're looking for out-of-this-world power, give Aliens Jackd Up a try! These intense cannabis seeds mix Sour Alien with Sour Jack for a double-dose of the good stuff. Aliens Jackd Up is frosty from tip to fan and dank to the very core.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Sour Alien X Sour Jack
  • 60 to 70 Day finish
  • Very Balanced Hybrid
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Free shipping and seeds

Aliens Jackd Up Single-Handedly Protects the Planet from Interplanetary Invasion!

With this sh*t on board, those pesky aliens can't wipe the goofy grins off their faces long enough to land! Save the world - collect more Aliens Jackd Up Cannabis Seeds.

Aliens Jackd Up is a Sour Alien X Sour Jack Cross with a fast finish and above-average yields. Taller phenotypes require a bit of help to support the dank, rock-hard nuggs. Tie these babies up!

  • Aliens Jackd Up is a Hash-Lover's Dream!
  • 60% Sativa; 40% Indica - Very Balanced
  • Above Average Yields of Dank Blaze
  • Finishes in Just 60 to 70 Days

With potent frost extending from the fans to the tips, Aliens Jackd Up Seeds are extremely resinous and hashy. Sin City Seeds gives these cannabis seeds a big thumbs up for bubble.

Sin City Aliens Jackd Up is a very balanced, 60% Sativa:40% Indica hybrid with sour fruit flavours & a sweet & sour aroma. It's exotic, hashy, dank and absolutely fabulous!

This description of Aliens Jackd Up Cannabis Seeds is based on material created by Sin City Seeds. See the Rhino Seeds' disclaimer page for more information.

Sativa/Indica Notes
60% Sativa, 40% Indica
Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
60 to 70 Days
Cannabis Genetics
Sour Alien X Sour Jack

Looking for out-of-this-world power & intense flavour? Buy Aliens Jackd Up Cannabis Seeds and get total satisfaction! These lush, double-sour beauties are always ready to put out the good stuff.

When you buy Aliens Jackd Up, The Rhino recommends that you obey all legal requirements for your personal safety. In the UK, it's a crime to cultivate or germinate marijuana seeds without a special license. For more information about this important issue, please see the Rhino Seeds' disclaimer page.

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Sour Alien X Sour Jack
  • 60 to 70 Day finish
  • Very Balanced Hybrid

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Aliens Jacked Up is a hashy cannabis seed created by the Sin City Seeds brand. As the bona fide "home of the dank," Sin City Seeds goes all out when it comes to completely unique strains. Thanks to their extensive testing process, you can depend on every single bean from Sin City Seeds to exceed your wildest weed expectations. Try one today!