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Big Buddha Autoflowering

Dominating the World of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds!

The Maker of Buddha Cheese is Poised for a Fully Automatic Takeover!

Big Buddha looks like a jolly fat man, but don't let that fool you. He's poised for a full take-over of the weed world. It started with his famous Cheese, and now he's move on to the best autoflowering cannabis seeds on the planet.

Big Buddha's Already Conquered the UK - Will You Be Next?

Big Buddha Autoflowering

Big Buddha Autoflowering

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Big Buddha Cheese Automatic

Big Buddha Cheese Automatic

Ready to get your Cheese on? With Big Buddha Cheese Automatic, your favourite comfort smoke just got easier & faster. Big Buddha Cheese Automatic literally explodes with vigour from the first pop to t

Big Buddha's AUTOMATIC

Big Buddha's AUTOMATIC


Big Buddha's AUTOMATIC is a super simple easy auto strain - Big Buddhas produces super sweet resin coated buds and the big buddha himself gives us his word that these are actually 'throw and grow’ seeds.

Blue Cheese Automatic

Blue Cheese Automatic

Blue Cheese Automatic: Spannabis Cup Winner!

Just like the original powerhouse, Big Buddha Blue Cheese Automatic is your ticket to Blueberry Skunk heaven. Only difference is this fully autoflowering cannabis seed only needs 90 days or less to get you there!

  • Original Blue Cheese X 3rd Gen Automatic (Reversed)
  • 2nd Place at Spannabis 2013 for Best Hydro Seed

Buddha Haze Auto

Buddha Haze Auto

Big Buddha Makes Sativa Easy!

Forget about finicky beans & endless finishes - the Fat Man brings you a 90% Sativa that can finish in a mere 8 to 10 weeks from seed. Can you dig it?

  • Formerly Known as Super Automatic Sativa
  • Classic Smells, Tastes & Soaring Head Highs

Chiesel Automatic

Chiesel Automatic

Fast, Compact & Packed with Flavour

Get authentic Chiesel flavour & power in just 75 days with Big Buddha's new fully automatic seed. The smell is intense, the flavour is spicy & the strength is turbo charged!

  • Very Vigorous with Massive, Crystal Studded Colas
  • Formulated with 3rd-Generation Automatic Breeding Stock

Critical Mass Automatic

Critical Mass Automatic

The Big Buddha knows that some customers want it bigger, faster, and harder-hitting than the rest. If you fit this profile, they’ve got your number! The Big Buddha Critical Mass Automatic is a strong

Super Automatic Sativa

Super Automatic Sativa

Collectors who crave the mind-blowing effects of a great Sativa seed can’t get enough of the Super Automatic Sativa created by the expert breeders at Big Buddha Seeds! To satisfy demand, Big Buddha st

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THE ORIGINAL Big Buddha Autoflowering BANK

Join the Revolution - Get Your Own Big Buddha Autoflowering Seeds from The Rhino!

Big Buddha Seeds is a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis world. They've cornered the Cheese market with the most intense strains known to man, and now these motivated breeders have concentrated their efforts on the Fat Man's next goal: complete and total domination of the expanding realm of autoflowering cannabis seeds!

  • The Next Generation in AutoFloweringTechnology
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • State-of-the-Art Testing and Quality Control
  • Huge Yields, Fast Finishes and Awesome Yields!

So far, this elite group has only released a select number of feminized seeds with autoflowering capabilities, but each one is truly special in its own right! From super-easy, throw-and-grow Big Buddha AUTOMATIC to over-achieving Critical Mass Automatic, few cannabis seeds of any type can touch the outstanding power and mindblowing effects of a Big Buddha Seeds’ AutoFem!

Join Rhino Seeds in our quest to supply the world with a full array of 5-star cannabis seeds including autoflowering beans! By joining the herd, you'll get more than just the freshest beans on the planet! You'll also have the advantage of our low-price guarantee, our world-class customer service and our lightning-fast delivery service.

Buy Superiour Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from Big Buddha Seeds and Rhino Seeds Today!

  • • The UK's Favourite
  • • Home of Cheese!
  • • Top-Rated Quality
  • • Incredible Speed
  • • The Best of the Best!


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