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Free Cannabis Seeds

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Not only does The Rhino price cannabis seeds lower than anyone else, What's more is you actually get to choose your free seeds at the checkout, no other seedbank lets you choose your free seeds! If you think another seedbank has better a better deal, please contact us and we'll do our very best to improve!

  • Spend more, get more!
  • Choose your free seeds!
  • Unbeatable Free Seeds
  • Upto £160 free
  • Postage is free on orders over £97
Free Cannabis Seeds

Our Free Seeds are Always High Quality

No other seed bank lets you choose your free Seeds

As the weather cools down, Rhino Seeds is heating things back up with FREE SHIPPING on all qualifying orders starting 16th September, 2016!

It doesn't matter what you buy, it doesn't matter how you pay, all that matters is you spend just £34.99 / $49.99 on cannabis seeds in a single order AND add coupon code SHIP to your basket before this deal expires. 

We can't offer FREE SHIPPING very often, so don't miss out!

Not sure what to choose & don't have hours to spend browsing our online shop? Check out the Big Horned One's current faves by Dr Krippling, Fast Buds and Feminised Seeds. That Super Iced Grapefruit is hard to beat!


Yep, spend over nintey nine pounds and shipping is free.

Stealth delivery for guaranteed delivery is not included in our Free Shipping offer. Please add Stealth to your basket for the most discreet, worry-free experience.


As a bonus, Rhino Seeds always includes a generous selection of free items, including free cannabis seeds, based on the size of your purchase, you'll receive




Everytime you spend over £36.99, as a bonus, Rhino always includes a generous selection of FREE items, including free cannabis seeds - this is based on the price of purchased seeds only before stealth or shipping is added.

This month only!




Bitcoin & Bank Transfer Free Gifts

Free Seeds!
Barney's Farm - LSD


Free Seeds!
Barney's Farm - Pineapple Chunk


Free Seeds!
Barney's Farm - Tangerine Dream 


Free Seeds!
Barney's Farm - Amnesia Lemon


Free Seeds!
Barney's Farm - Vanilla Kush


Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and Cash Payments  

Between 15-20% Off AND 5 EXTRA SEEDS 

Get 5 extra seeds for free and between 15-20% Off when paying By Bank Transfer, Bitcoin or Cash

    Bitcoin - 20% off
    Bank Transfer - 15% off
    Cash - 15% off

Find the Best New Strains First at Rhino!

Ice Breaker Seeds
Knockout (K.O.) Seeds
Blueberry Twist Seeds

Find the Best New Strains First at Rhino!

Ice Breaker Seeds
Knockout (K.O.) Seeds
Blueberry Twist Seeds
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