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Europe’s First Gorilla Glue#4 Hybrid is Here!

King Kong

Gorilla Glue #4 has been, without a doubt, the hottest cut-only strain in America for the past few years, but now you can get this genetic mix in feminized seed form thanks to Big Buddha Seeds!

The fat man added his own Cheese/Widow reversed strain to the elusive GG#4 to improve the yield & bud structure, but the unmistakable flavour & astounding resin content is exactly the same.

  • Happy, Psychedelic, Euphoric
  • 8 to 11 Weeks Inside, October Outside
  • Truly Satisfying Yields – Impressive!

Whether you’re a total newb or an old hand at the cannabis seed game, you’ll love Big Buddha King Kong Seeds! They’re easy to manage with massive yields & a very forgiving nature. They can finish as early as 8 weeks inside, but we suggest you let them go all the way to 10 weeks, or maybe even 11, to let the true Gorilla Glue beauty shine through. You’ll be very glad you did!

Order King Kong from Rhino Seeds Today!

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2015 Was Awesome, But Here’s to an Even Better 2016!

Rhino Cannabis Seeds

Both Rhino Seeds & the cannabis community in general had a great 2015, and we’re all hoping for an even better 2016. Before we close the door on last year, let’s take a look at some of the highlights as well as what we hope will happen in 2016.

You Can Smoke & Grow in Durham, Just Keep it on the Down Low!

In County Durham, the local police force announced that they will no longer go after small-time stoners as long as they keep their activities fairly discrete & people with small home grows intended for personal use are safe as well. However, if your neighbors complain or you’re a cash cropper, look out! You’re still a target.

A UK Petition for Legalisation Gets 125,000 e-Signatures in 4 Days!

James Owen of Aberystwyth University started the petition & social media went wild. In an attempt to convince Parliament to at least debate the issue, activists around the globe called on the UK canna community to show their support & the response was amazing.

In addition to just being the right thing to do, the petition stated that legalization of use, production and sales of cannabis would result in a £900m increase in taxes, a £400m reduction in police expenses and create more than 10,000 new jobs. The signatures didn’t stop at 125,000 – the numbers are more than double that now. If you live in the UK, sign up if you haven’t already.

Peter Lilley Says Legalize Now!

The former deputy leader of the Conservative Party came forth in 2015 to call for legalization of cannabis. In fact, he did more than make a few comments, Mr Lilley wrote an entire pamphlet outlining his views, his reasoning and his recommendations. However, the Home Office was quick to point out that they didn’t plan to change the laws relating to cannabis any time soon. I guess we’ll see about that!

The UK had no Shortage of Cannabis Festivals in 2015!

In direct defiance of the UK legal system, the UK citizenry held quite a few cannabis festivals in the past year including the Product Earth Expo in Peterborough this past June, Hyde Park’s 4/20 Day Celebration, and Brighton’s Green Pride Day. A few people were arrested at some of the events, but that was just a drop in the bucket when you look at the thousands that came out. All in all, this public showing of support went a lot way to making the powers that be aware of what the people not only want, but are starting to demand!

Where Are We Headed for 2016?

At Rhino Seeds, that’s an easy question. We’re planning to add more amazing breeders & spectacular cannabis seeds than last year and we plan to continue offering the best prices on the web, bar none! As for the rest of the UK, we’re hoping that the government looses their stance against legal reform sometime soon – as in during 2016.

If you’ve got a working crystal ball, pull that bad boy out & let’s have a look!

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Mexico Legalizes Pot – For 4 People!

People attend a rally supporting the legalization of marijuana in front of the Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico City on November 4, 2015. AFP PHOTO / ALFREDO ESTRELLA

And, get this – this foursome says they probably won’t even grow or smoke a thing.

Last month, four people who belong to Mexico’s SMART (Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Use) won their court battle with the Mexican government that forced the country to issue these individuals a permit that will allow them to legally grow and use cannabis.

The permit specifically allows them to “sow, grow, harvest, prepare, possess, transport and consume marijuana for recreational uses” but not sell to anyone or consume in front of certain individuals including children, pregnant women or anyone who doesn’t agree to be around said activities.

This small group says they will set an example and not actually use the permit, but they want this to be the first step towards changing the marijuana laws in Mexico. In this case, the cannabis activists believe legal reform is the best defense against an increasingly dangerous and violent drug cartel.

While Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto and the Mexican Congress ponder the benefits of actually changing their policy of prohibition to one that’s more compassionate, SMART is encouraging more people to file suit in an effort to get their own grow and use permits, although they say that they are not promoting actual use – only change.

A recent poll found that most Mexicans (2/3’s) are against legalization of marijuana on any level.

In another report, continued legalization in the US has greatly reduced the amount of cannabis smuggled across the Mexican border by the Cartel, dropping the amount seized on the US side from 2.5 million pounds to 1.9 million pounds (from 2011 to 2014). According to the Mexican army, confiscations on the southern side of the border dropped by a whopping 32% in 2014 alone – that amounts to 664 tons or 1,328,000 pounds. Harder drugs coming into the US have not dropped.

Experts credit the burgeoning legal cannabis trade in America for this decrease in crime as more & more people have access to high-quality products that come complete with detailed labels that include a full cannabinoid profile. Just think how many lives could be saved if both Mexico & the United States went complete legal!

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Find the Kind at!

alternative herbal health center

To make it easy for you to check out legal medical marijuana dispensaries on American’s Left Coast, has put together a comprehensive directory complete with first-hand user reviews so that you know what you’re getting into before you drive down to check them out.

If you live in that area and have your MMJ card, it’ll save you a lot of time by helping you narrow down your choices to a few that have the kind of vibe you’re looking for while the rest of us dream of a time when the entire world has this many options.

The list is long, so you can spend hours browsing or check out a few The Rhino liked best:

Sparc San Francisco Patient & Resource Center

Located on Mission Street, Sparc is a non-profit group that lab tests its products so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting (they even test to make sure their buds are mold free) plus they offer low-cost medical services including traditional medication in addition to their affordable line of MMJ. If you’ve got a true health need, this is the place to go in the Bay area according to

Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood

According to one reviewer, Snoop’s favourite MMJ doc works here, so that’s good enough for us, but if you need to know more, here’s what has to say – you can always find the dank at Alternative Herbal Health! The picture shows a clean showroom that anyone would be comfortable walking into. “Donations” are described as compassionate, which we take to mean affordable.

The Ganja Gourmet of Denver

In Mile-High City, the place to go for great MMJ is The Ganja Gourmet on South Broadway. Unlike most California dispensaries that rely on uncontrolled, outdoor harvests or chemical-laden hydro, the Ganja Gourmet only serves up 100% organic MMJ grown in soil just like nature intended. After all, if you’re looking for a true alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, isn’t that exactly what you’d want?

The Rhino knows that most of you aren’t near a legal dispensary, so he’d also like to share the other stuff on that’s useful to all. They’ve got some of the most in-depth strain reviews we’ve seen along with some detailed recipes for Medibles if that’s your thing. Check ’em out!

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Wanna Know It All? Check Out Cannabis Lifestyle TV!


It’s not hard to find advice about everything from cannabis seeds to medibles with a quick Google search, but it is extremely difficult to find someone you can trust. Sure, everyone means well, but that doesn’t help when you’ve just bought some beans that don’t turn out as expected or you waste your last few grams of dank in a failed medibles experiment.

Rob Corbett, a media professional and cannabis enthusiast, along with a few of his friends found that, while most people are very generous with the amount of information they are willing to put out on YouTube and other sites, the majority are poorly organized, hard to understand or filled with stuff that’s just plain wrong. Who hasn’t been caught up in that insanity at some point?

That’s how he came up with the idea for Cannabis Lifestyle TV, a new, professionally produced web series designed to give the cannabis community the information they want & need without all the typical bullsh*t that wastes your time, your energy and your resources. CLtv is currently hosted on YouTube, but the group is launching an independent website using the same name as we speak. It should be live by the end of November 2015.

Of course, Rob couldn’t do this all on his own – it’s way too big of a job for any one man, no matter how much he loves fine weed. He lives in Michigan, a medical marijuana state in the US, and has brought together of very knowledgeable and passionate team of cannabis experts from his area to help him help you. At this time, the crew includes Dub-C, Jordan, Trey & Sid in addition to Rob. Watch a few of their videos & you’ll see that they know their sh*t!

On Cannabis Lifestyle TV, you’ll pick up lots of tips and tricks that will help you with everything from pushing your cannabis seeds as far as they can go to making some gobsmacking-good medibles to rolling a perfect spliff, but The Rhino can’t get enough of their strain reviews!

Before you hit the dispensary in a legal area or buy a not new weed seed anywhere else, check to see if CLtv has a review. So far, there are only a few on the channel, but this group has just got started. There will be more – that’s for sure. Right now, our favourite is the Grand Daddy Purp video.

If you’ve ever wondered if Ken’s pics are photoshopped, CLtv will clear that up in about 2 seconds. In addition to stats and a smoke report, each strain review gets up close & personal with some finished buds for clear, high-def views that’ll leave you drooling in anticipation. Check one out & you’ll see what we mean!

Don’t see what you’re looking for on Cannabis Lifestyle TV today? As we mentioned, this is a new & rapidly growing site, but they’re also a friendly bunch – hit them up with a request & they’ll do their best to help you out. Chances are – if you want to know, so does someone else.

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