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Blue Mammoth Auto thumbnail

Blue Mammoth Auto

Blue Mammoth Auto is a beast! This monster mixes Skunk #1, Blue Cheese & Ruderalis to create an autoflowering cannabis seed that simply can’t be beat. Get 20 grams of tasty smoke in just 70 days from
CBD Lemon Potion Auto thumbnail

CBD Lemon Potion Auto

With twice as much CBD (up to 15%) as THC, Barney's Farm hit the MMJ jackpot with their new CBD Lemon Potion Auto. Not only is it fast and fairly easy to manage, it offers immense therapeutic potential along with very mild psychoactivity, making it perfect for all including the non-tolerant and older folks.
Critical Rapido Auto thumbnail

Critical Rapido Auto

Flower Power Automatic thumbnail

Flower Power Automatic

Little Cheese Auto thumbnail

Little Cheese Auto

Malana Bomb Auto thumbnail

Malana Bomb Auto

New for 2012, Malana Bomb Auto is a breath of fresh air straight from the Himalayas! This explosive strain combines the exotic Charas Hash plant with a hardy, autoflowering Ruderalis to create a short
Pineapple Express Seeds thumbnail

Pineapple Express Auto Seeds

You’ve seen the movie. Now, it’s time to experience the real thing. Pineapple Express from Barney’s Farm is currently available for your amazing collection of cannabis seeds. Very similar to that old
Sweet Tooth Auto thumbnail

Sweet Tooth Auto

In its original form, the iconic Sweet Tooth strain won the illustrious Cannabis Cup for three years in a row! Now, Barney’s Farm has made this variety even better with an updated, auto-flowering vers
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You Can Always Depend on Barney's Farm!

As one of the world's most successful seed banks, you can depend on Barney's Farm to deliver an autoflowering cannabis seed that really does what it promises. These beans have been developed by the industry's most innovative genetic engineers to deliver power, flavour and effect without the need for any complicated lighting schedules. What could be easier than that?

  • Backed by the World's Most Successful Breeder of Premium Marijuana Seeds
  • Proven Autoflowering Capabilities Tested by the Industry's Leading Experts
  • 100% Feminized, Automatic Versions of the Your Favourite Strains

Before Barney's Farm releases any cannabis seed including their autoflowering strains, they conduct test after test using state-of-the-art procedures to ensure that each and ever bean is viable before carefully placing it in vacuum-sealed packaging to retain its freshness and protect it from the slightest damage. With this kind of care, you can depend on your Barney's Farm autoflowering cannabis seeds to arrive in perfect condition every single time.

Order Your Outstanding Barney's Farm Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Now!