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Dominant Afghan taste, form and quality of high coupled with dominant Skunk yield, vigour and general potency gives you the cream of the crops. Heavy compact buds that drip with resin in the heat. Hea
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Arctic Sun

Good for medical applications A marriage of old and new world genetics. Mostly Sativa with long, dense and crystal ladened buds. High yielding and extremely potent. The high is both physical and cere
Aurora B thumbnail

Aurora B

Aurora B. is a cross between a carefully selected Northern Lights with our sweet Skunk father, a vigorous plant with heavy resinous buds. This strain has the best attributes from both its parents. Aur
Dutchmans Royal Orange thumbnail

Dutchmans Royal Orange

A real Royal treat. Developed in California and Holland this is a F-1 hybrid.
Early Durban thumbnail

Early Durban

As comfortable outdoors in most temperate regions as indoors, Early Durban is a tough plant that will reward the grower with high yields quickly, mostly Sativa in nature with a cerebral/physical effec
Fuma Con Dios thumbnail

Fuma Con Dios

Pure Haze smell, pure Haze taste, pure Haze effect. The Skunk father keeps the height down and the maturation time to within 12 weeks.
Haley's Comet thumbnail

Haley's Comet

Fast heavy and easy to grow! An early Early Californian variety crossed with the Skunk #1,very homogenous fast maturing variety, suitably to grow outdoors. In many temperate regions. A large percenta
Haze Mist thumbnail

Haze Mist

A pure Sativa diva! The balance between the potency and sweetness of the Kerala with the spicyness and soaring cerebral high of the Original Haze are perfectly expressed in this almost pure Sativa cro
Kerala Krush thumbnail

Kerala Krush

An extremely vigorous Sativa crossing of the highest calibre, a medium tall plant with good yields for a Sativa. The Skunk father boosts fast maturation without interfering with the high or taste of t
Mixed Sativa Divas thumbnail

Mixed Sativa Divas

Many different varieties of mother, a good gene mix for selections. Developed through a varied number of foreign breeders derived from F-1 hybrids. Smell/Taste: Varies High/Strength: Varies
Pineapple Punch thumbnail

Pineapple Punch

A specially selected Real Mc Coy crossed back to a Skunk#1 daddy, to offer the chance for wider genetic diversity for those who love the Hawaiian. A little more chunky and Skunky than the Real McCoy,
Pot of Gold thumbnail

Pot of Gold

Pot Of Gold is a new variety offered by the Flying Dutchmen. The Real Mc.Coy and Pot of Gold were the only two strains selected out from over 500 experimental crossings. Along with The Real Mc.Coy,
Swazi Safari thumbnail

Swazi Safari

Be careful this is a real African bush adventure! Developed in South-Africa , Holland this is an F-1 hybrid. Sativa/Indica: A very special cross mostly sativa but please be careful, this is a real Af
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A very compact Sativa variety, classic chocolate Thai smell and taste. The Skunk father dominates only in fast maturation, high yields and general vigour. A heavy crystal producer that is extremely po
The Original Haze thumbnail

The Original Haze

Flying Dutchmen have worked with this variety in Holland for almost 20 years now. It is the base for all the Haze you can find in Holland. Since being stabilised in the late 70's, The Original Haze ha
The Pure thumbnail

The Pure

Large yields can be expected from this variety, The Pure is extremely homogeneous, and is perfectly adapted for all growing methods. Whether she is being grown indoors, in a greenhouse or in the great
The Real McCoy thumbnail

The Real McCoy

The Real Mc.Coy!! A new variety offered by the Flying Dutchmen. Selected out from over 500 experimental crossings. This strain gives a new definition to the term 'high' standard. The results far excee
Titans Haze thumbnail

Titans Haze

A very potent haze variety! The tables are turned, our 25% T.H.C. Skunk #1 mother crossed with our pure Original Haze father. Very potent Haze dominan strain, perfect for a breeding project with Fuma
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