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Fast Bud thumbnail

Fast Bud

Fast Bud Auto doesn’t waste any time! As one of the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds on the market, this super strain pumps out fat, sticky buds in weeks instead of months. For strong highs and sw
Fast Bud # 2 Auto thumbnail

Fast Bud # 2 Auto

Extremely fast flowering - ready in 5 weeks!! Fast Bud produces big buds which are rich and full of aroma, the yield and flavor is an improvement over the original. The taste is sweet and succulent with the after taste of Diesel.
Flash Back thumbnail

Flash Back

Original Feminized Flash Back, available in a choice of 3,5 or 10 seed packs.
Flash Back 2 thumbnail

Flash Back 2

Flash Back Feminized Seeds are available in a 3,5 and 10 packs. Extremely good yields and a very manageable plant - highly potent and versatile strain.
Ganesh Spirit thumbnail

Ganesh Spirit

With a sweet/spicy aroma and a citrus/aniseed flavour, Ganesh Spirit is as tasty as she is strong! Ganesh Spirit is a super-fast Sativa with booming highs and lasting stones!
Green Poison thumbnail

Green Poison

Green Poison is a Indica plant producing a huge yield, its known as a 'super-producer' of buds in a short period of time. It's aroma is sweet and its flavor just as intense. Mould resistant due to it
Green Poison Auto thumbnail

Green Poison Auto

Sweet Seeds finally named your poison! Green Poison Auto really hits the spot with high resin levels, a sweet flavour and massive yields! If you’re looking for top-notch blaze that’s easy to manage, y
Ice Cool thumbnail

Ice Cool

An up-grade of one of our latest and most appreciated plants, developed from a NYC genetic Diesel line. It has enormous potency and is a high producer with a super-strong and rare exotic aroma loved b
Indigo Berry Kush thumbnail

Indigo Berry Kush

An Earthy Indica with OG Kush & Blueberry DNA!

Indigo Berry Kush has it all with DNA from OG Kush, Blueberry, LA Con, Black Domina and … wait for it … Trainwreck! Power will not be a problem. Prepare for utter & complete devastation!

  • Pleasantly Sweet & Earthy - Strong Aroma
  • 8 to 9 Weeks Inside, Late September Outside
Jack 47 thumbnail

Jack 47

This super hybrid is the result of crossing two of the strongest varieties of all times, Jack Herer and AK-47. Our stud, AK-47, was specially selected for its great yield and strong effect. Jack Herer
Jack 47 Auto thumbnail

Jack 47 Auto

As the most powerful AutoFem in the world, Jack 47 Auto is in a class all by herself! Jack 47 Auto slays the competition with high-octane power, massive yields and a sweet, lemony flavour. Add in a 9-
Killer Kush Auto thumbnail

Killer Kush Auto

Legendary OG Kush High - 8 Weeks from Seed!

This Sweet Seeds AutoFem delivers everything you expect from OG Kush, including the killer stones, without the wait. 8 weeks from seed is all she needs!

  • 4th-Generation Autoflowering Seeds
  • Big & Potent, Completely Encased in Resin!
Killer Kush Fast Version thumbnail

Killer Kush Fast Version

Maniacal Power - Insanely Fast Finishes!

With Killer Kush Fast Version, the flowering time is as rapid as the fastest AutoFem, but you decide when to flip. Total finish is a mere 7 weeks - unbelievable but absolutely true!

  • 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
  • Yields up to 600 gr/m2 Inside!
Moham Ram thumbnail

Moham Ram

Our personal homage to the father of STS without which our female varieties would not exist and of course we are very grateful to him, and for this reason we have dedicated to him an exceptional plant
Mohan Ram Auto thumbnail

Mohan Ram Auto

Mohan Ram Auto will light you up with an intense, long-lasting high that’s out of this world! A fragrant, sticky mix of White Widow and Sweet Afghani Delicious, Mohan Ram is potent, fast & aromatic.
Psicodelicia thumbnail


A cross-bred plant cutting coming from United States and a Nepali plant whose spiced aroma remains one of the places where coffee is toasted, mainly of the sativa strain with a very short flowering ti
Red Poison Auto thumbnail

Red Poison Auto

Red Poison Auto Should Come With a Warning Label!

These little beauties deserve a tiny Skull & Crossbones stamped across their lovely bums. Red Poison Auto is lethally good with enough deep-purple yield to drown in. She's deadly, but what a way to go!

  • 8 Weeks from Seed - Up to 550 gr/m2 Inside
  • Green Poison X Purple Pakistani Kush Auto
S.A.D. CBD thumbnail


You Want CBD? You Got It X 3!

To satisfy an overwhelming demand for MMJ, Sweet Seeds amped up their classic S.A.D. with a high-CBD Diesel to deliver a THC to CBD ratio that averages between 1:1 & 1:3 - that's as much as 3X the CBD.

  • 60% Indica; 40% Sativa
  • Finishes in 8 to 9 Weeks Inside
SAD Auto thumbnail

SAD Auto

Finally from sweet seeds an automatic version of S.A.D! The compact buds from S.A.D Auto have a shocking resin content and have the intense and sweet musky aroma you would expect from S.A.D. Available
San Fernando Lemon Kush thumbnail

San Fernando Lemon Kush

9-Week Sativa with a Heavy Lemon/Fuel Stench!

Get your odour control ready, mates - this one's stinkier than pure Exodus Cheese! An original SFV OG Kush X Kosher Kush cross, this weed seed gives new meaning to loud. 9 weeks will get you there.

  • Packed to the Brim with Lemony Limonene
  • 35% Indica, 65% Sativa, 600 gr/m2 Yields Inside!
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