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DinaFem Auto

Magical Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Fully Autoflowering Versions of Haze, Cheese, White Widow & More!

DinaFem Seeds creates lush 100% feminized, fully automatic versions of all your favourite strains. Available in budget-friendly 3 packs all the way up to hoarder-level 10 packs, there's plenty to go around at all price points. Order yours now!

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DinaFem Auto

DinaFem Auto

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Critical Cheese Autoflowering

Critical Cheese Autoflowering

Critical Cheese Autoflowering is Unbelievably Good!

Somehow, Dinafem made Critical Cheese Autoflowering better than either astounding parents. This new hybrid tastes even sweeter with higher yields & resin levels.

  • These AutoFems Only Take 10 Weeks - Total!
  • Up to 160 gr/m2 - 120 cm or Less

Critical Jack Automatic

Critical Jack Automatic

Critical Jack Automatic is an even easier version of Critical +! With the addition of Jack Herer for higher yields and DinaFem Auto for autoflowering capabilities, this express version has it all. Tak

Critical Plus Automatic

Critical Plus Automatic

Critical + Automatic is an enhanced version of an old favourite! Now, Critical + Automatic delivers the sweetest top-shelf weed like clockwork!

Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering

Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering

Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering Seeds: The Future is Here!

Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering gives new meaning to next-generation Auto. Bigger, fatter & faster than the original, these cannabis seeds truly deserve the lofty 2.0 designation. They're killer!

  • This Super-Producer is the Result of a 2-Year Project
  • Up to 250 gr/m2, 70 to 80 Days, 130 cm or Less

DinaFem Cheese Auto

DinaFem Cheese Auto

DinaFem Cheese Auto kicks the flavour & aroma up a notch instead of watering it down! This new mix is cheesier, stinkier and more physical than any other Cheese around.

Haze 2 Auto

Haze 2 Auto

Haze 2.0 Auto is a new twist on an ancient classic! With this new mix, Sativa quality is easy & AutoFem is high-yielding. Haze 2.0 Auto takes premium weed to the next generation and beyond!

Haze Automatic

Haze Automatic

Haze Automatic is short & sweet, but that doesnít stop this petite AutoFem from working just as hard as the big girls! Known as DinaFemís most productive autoflowering hybrid, Haze Automatic pumps out

Moby Dick Auto

Moby Dick Auto

There she blows! Moby Dick Auto is so juicy she practically bursts with sticky THC! One of the most resinous AutoFems in the DinaFem lineup, Moby Dick Auto literally shines with power!

Original Amnesia Auto

Original Amnesia Auto

Original Amnesia Auto will stick in your memory for a lifetime! A massive Sativa with foxtail nuggs, Original Amnesia Auto offers high yields and mind-blowing power!

RoadRunner Auto Feminized

RoadRunner Auto Feminized

RoadRunner Auto has broken speed limits around the globe for lightning-fast, 60-day finishes. With exceptional power & a stealthy size, RoadRunner Auto Feminized is perfect for the tightest spot!

White Widow Automatic

White Widow Automatic

DinaFem White Widow Automatic is a bitter-sweet beauty with all the power & resin you expect from this legendary strain. Intensely physical and covered in gleaming THC crystals, DinaFem White Widow Au

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DinaFem Leads the Way with Absolutely Perfect Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds!

As a leading force in cannabis innovation, DinaFem Seeds spared no effort in creating the most exclusive line of autoflowering cannabis seeds in the world. This group of genetic experts has fully automated both classic legends like White Widow and their own proprietary mixes like Critical Jack to satisfy the constantly growing demands of their ardent followers.

  • Created by the Leading Minds in the Cannabis Industry
  • Automated & Feminized Using State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Picked at the Peak of Ripeness, Fully Tested and Vacuum Sealed

DinaFem Seeds' belief that every single customer has a right to a high-quality product extends to their award-winning line of AutoFems. Harvested at the optimal point of ripeness, each autoflowering marijuana seed is individually examined to ensure vigour and quality before being packaged in a vacuum-sealed tube to control humidity levels and retain freshness. With this kind of care, you can depend on every DinaFem seed to exceed your wildest dreams!

This world-recognized breeder of top-rated automatic cannabis seeds isn't the only operation that puts an emphasis on exceptional service. The Rhino runs a very tight ship when it comes to his customers and his cannabis seeds! To provide the lowest prices, the best customer service and the fastest shipping in the industry, he works his leathery bum off. We won't tell you exactly what goes on behind the warehouse doors, but it could involve whips, chains and one or two head-butts!

Buy Gold-Standard DinaFem Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Today!

  • • Stable Feminized Seeds
  • • Full Tested for Quality
  • • Sealed in Protective Packs
  • • The Lowest Prices in the UK
  • • Buy DinaFem Auto Seeds Now!


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