Cherry Bomb Feminized
Named for Who drummer Keith Moon's favourite loo-buster, Cherry Bomb Feminized Seeds are lethally strong. If you have what it takes, this hardcore strain will fill your mouth with flavour before it lays you out for the count. Cherry Bomb Feminized is a heavy-duty Indica with monster yields.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Heavy Indica Genetics
  • Up to 22% THC
  • 600 to 650 gr/m2
  • Buy Cherry Bomb Now!
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Free shipping and seeds

Hello Daddy, Hello Mom - It's Your Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb!

Ring a bell? Cherry Bomb Feminized Seeds aren't quite as good as half-dressed jailbait belting out punk tunes, but they're pretty f*cking close!

Cherry Bomb Feminized is the latest hit by elite Dutch breeder Bomb Seeds. Completely over-the-top as always, this explosive strain mixes their very own Big Bomb with a super-fruity Mom for ballistic power, bodacious yields and rich cherry flavour. Yum!

  • Cherry Bomb Feminized Reaches the 22% THC Mark
  • Bursting with Sweet, Fruity Flavour & Just a Touch of Skunk
  • Smells Like Lush Cherries - Glistening with Dark Purple Colours
  • Monster Yields with No Compromise - Up to 650 gr/m2

This hard-hitting Indica starts off with a fun little head high before it settles into a deep, lasting body stone. Cherry Bomb Feminized Cannabis Seeds won't knock you out completely, but they definitely calm any raging inner demons.

Don't wait too long to order your Cherry Bomb Feminized Seeds. We're seeing an impressive number of orders plus The Rhino keeps trying to pull a Keith Moon on the loo with these babies. These weed seeds won't last forever!

This description of Cherry Bomb Feminized Cannabis Seeds is based solely on information provided by Bomb Seeds. Check out the Rhino Seeds' disclaimer page to learn more.

Flowering Time
8-12 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Yield Notes
600 - 650 gr/m2
Flowering Outdoors
Late Sept/Early Oct
Height Notes
100 to 120 cm
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
17 to 22%
Flowering Time Notes
8 to 10 Weeks
Cannabis Genetics
Big Bomb X Unknown Fruity Mother

Buy Cherry Bomb Feminized Cannabis Seeds & get ready for an explosion of power, flavour & yield! These delicious beans don't hold back a thing, and they're priced to move at Rhino Seeds. You will not be disappointed!

These cannabis seeds are definitely tempting, but don't buy Cherry Bomb Feminized for cultivation or germination purposes. Both are illegal in the UK & most other countries. Rhino Seeds only sells these lovely ladies as collectible items. To learn more, read our disclaimer page.

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Heavy Indica Genetics
  • Up to 22% THC
  • 600 to 650 gr/m2
  • Buy Cherry Bomb Now!

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Cherry Bomb Feminized is a tasty cannabis seed created by Bomb Seeds. Based in The Netherlands, Bomb Seeds is famous for their in-house developed breeding stock that turns ordinary weed seeds into turbo-charged powerhouses capable of kicking ass & taking names. If you're looking for a real standout, start off with genuine Bomb Seeds!