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Indica Strains

Potent, Prolific & Intensely Physical!

These Potent Indica Strains Range from Mild Relaxation to Pure Couchlock!

For true physical stones, go with pure Indica cannabis seeds. Compared to Sativas or hybrids, Indicas in general are faster, shorter, stockier and higher yielding than any other breed. Take it easy with these high-powered killers - they're devastatingly strong!

Take the Edge Off & Then Some - Order Your Indica Strains Now from Rhino Seeds!

Indica Strains

Indica Strains

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West Coast OG Auto

West Coast OG Auto

Authentic OG Power in Just 8 Weeks - 21% THC

Fast Buds transforms the original West Coast OG into an extra fast but just as strong autoflowering seed that'll literally blow your mind. And, it's beginner friendly too!

  • Up to 650 gr/m2 Inside, 300 gr/seed Outside
  • Instant Mental Lift, Creeping Physical Chill
White Beelze Bubba LTD

White Beelze Bubba LTD

White Beelze Bubba LTD is a multi-hybrid of Bubba Kush, Biker Kush, and White OG V2.0. Mostly broad-leafed plants come from his cross and most have good side-branching.

White Biker LTD

White Biker LTD

White Biker LTD is the original HA OG (Hellsí Angelsí OG) cut crossed with my White OG V2.0 male. The offspring are an easier to grow OG-Kush Hybrid that gives impressive yields.

White Chronic

White Chronic

White Widow X Chronic - Top Shelf, Baby!

For Grade A results, you have to start off with Grade A cannabis seeds. And that's exactly what you'll get with White Chronic. She's fast, she's strong, & she's super sticky!

  • 450 gr/m2 Inside, 700 gr/m2 Outside, 17% THC
  • Only Needs 50 to 55 Days to Get You There!

White OG V2.0

White OG V2.0

White OG V2.0 Finally, we are ready to release The White OG V2.0. Already very loved in the online cannabis scene, this is a true power house. Good to very good yields that are easy to grow plant

White Snake LTD

White Snake LTD

White Snake LTD is a mix of my Headbanger mom and White OG V2.0 male. She will produce sweet to hashy, sour-type smells. This one is a real mouth-watering flavor of sweet and sour candy and can prod

White VooDoo

White VooDoo

White VooDoo was thoroughly and meticulously selected to create an OG that has better stucture, sweeter tastes and amazing bag appeal. With colors ranging from purple, orange, green and yellow this og

White Widow

White Widow

If You Can Only Get 1, This Is It!

The truth is simple - you can't go wrong with White Widow! This is one of the most popular cannabis seeds of all time. Get her today & find out why.

  • Multi-Cup Wins - Great for Any Environment
  • Medical-Grade Indica with Copious White Resin

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