Blackberry Auto
A decadent West Coast favourite, Blackberry Auto gushes with rich aromas and flavours that are unmistakable & impossible to ignore. Savor the pure essence of dark forest fruits that hint of warm, summer days while the Indica-dominant tingle sets in. This is a full-body experience my friends! Ready in 8 weeks or less from seed with potency exceeding 20% THC!
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Dark Forest Fruit Collides With Sheer Power & Rapid Finishes!

Immerse yourself in everything that Blackberry Auto Seeds have to offer. Watch as this vigorous cannabis seed unfurls right before your eyes revealing big, dark fans and flowers painted in splashes of purple and magenta . Smell the heavy, berry-scented smoke and taste the syrupy flavour as it washes across your palette. Feel the deep, relaxing stone that soothes your body and soul. And, finally, listen as the cured buds sizzle and your go-to sounds sound better than ever. This Indica is sheer ecstasy!

  • Blackberry Auto Yields Like a Beast – 600 gr/m2
  • Fast & Short – Recommended for Indoors
  • Potent & Terpene Heavy, 20% THC

In 8 weeks or less from seed, Blackberry Autoflowering serves up authentic West Coast weed to the tune of 600 gr/m2 inside. Individual flowers are big and firm, completely saturated in sticky, terpene-filled trichomes just begging to be extracted. Bud formation is near perfect, but give this autoflowering strain a good support system early on. Before they’re done, these dark beauties will bend completely to the floor under the weight of their monster yields.

Short, Fast & High-Yielding Make Auto Blackberry A No-Brainer for Indoors!

NB: Buying your marijuana seeds from Rhino Seeds makes a Blackberry Auto grow a non-starter. It’s still illegal in the UK to germinate or cultivate cannabis seeds. ‘Nuff said.

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