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Mosca Seeds

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Indica and Skunk based American Genetics

Just like the legendary Spanish Fly featured in their logo, Mosca Seeds is small but powerful! With a keen eye on quality rather than quantity, this group focuses on preserving the best old-school genetics by pumping out new designer combinations based on proven American Skunk and Indica foundations.

If you’re a fan of the legendary Cindy 99 or DJ Short’s Old Time Moonshine fan, you’ll drool over the potent new blends in the Mosca Seeds lineup!

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Blue Fin

Blue Fin

Blue Fin is a rock-hard mix of Old Time Moonshine and the infamous Cindy 99 that combines hashy Blueberry with uplifting Haze. As an Indica-dominant strain, Blue Fin hits the body like a ton of bricks

Blue Iguana

Blue Iguana

Backed by championship genetics, Blue Iguana is a way cool reptile! Blue Iguana is a premium mix of Double Dutch Lady and Old Time Moonshine with a full dose of thick colas coating its branchy structu

Chem #4 X OTM #1

Chem #4 X OTM #1

If you love stinky weed, check out Chem #4 X OTM #1! Thanks to the Chem #4 genetics, this hybrid is dank & fuely, but the goodness doesn’t stop there. Chem #4 X OTM #1 is strong, colourful and complex

Cinderella 99 BX-1

Cinderella 99 BX-1

Mosca Seeds worked overtime to get Cinderella 99 BX-1 just right. After a three-generation dance of backcrossing and inbreeding, the final product is stunning. For Hazy, psychedelic weed with devastat

Mach Fly

Mach Fly

Mach Fly might be slow out the gate, but she always makes up for it by getting the job done in record time! A Skunky mix with rock-hard trichomes & a cerebral effect, Mach Fly is vigourous, fast and p

Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum

Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum

Aromatic and tasty, Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum smells just like sweet, Blueberry Bubble Gum! Packing a wicked punch of power, Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum squeezes out bin after bin of dense, hard tri

Old Time Moonshine

Old Time Moonshine

Old Time Moonshine is a potent Indica with a fast finish & a fruity flavour! Check this out – Old Time Moonshine is so tasty that Mosca Seeds has used this Indica-dominant strain to create an entirely

Sonic Fly

Sonic Fly

Sonic Fly combines soaring highs with tropical fruit flavour for weed of the highest quality. This easy-going, laid-back strain is a joy to collect and a pleasure to watch! If you’re a first-timer, yo

Tsi Fly

Tsi Fly

Oozing with luscious apricot flavour, Tsi Fly is a real treat! This C4/Cindy 99 backcross pumps out rock-hard, golf-ball-sized nuggs on her short, bushy structure. If you’re looking for a small Indica

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Mosca Seeds: From Underground God to Legit Breeder!

Until recently, Mosca Seeds was buing up the underground auction scene with top-notch weed seeds that exceeded the wildest dreams of this gritty sub-culture. As the word spread about the power, consistency and pure awesomeness of these new beans, Mosca Seeds grew & grew until they were ready to go legit!

Now, you can order these premium cannabis seeds from Rhino Seeds with confidence. Backed by our low-price guarantee, world-class customer service and ultra-fast shipping, you’ll be a Mosca Seeds mastermind in no time!

  • Spanish-bred Versions of America’s Best Indicas & Skunks
  • Pure Cindy 99 and Old Time Moonshine Seeds
  • Innovative Crosses & High-Quality Genetics
  • Short Breeds Perfect for Indoors & Greenhouse

Although there are some exceptions, the vast majority of cannabis seeds offered by the Mosca Seeds team are based on Old Time Moonshine and Cinderella 99 genetics.

In fact, Cinderella 99 BX-1 is one of Mosca’s hottest beans! This project combined two distinct, inbred Cindy 99 strains and then backcrossed the results for a single generation to create a stunningly consistent offspring with very high yields and extremely solid nuggs.

Because Cindy 99 is known for her ability to make a gigantic leap in power with each successive generation, the new BX-1 version from Mosca Seeds is a true knock-out with outstanding resin production and a delightful tropical fruit aroma.

Once known asDJ Short’s most intoxicating strain, Old Time Moonshine is Mosca Seeds’ favourite genetic base. However, this strain is also available in its pure form. A true labour of love, the breeders are hell-bent on preserving the authentic Blueberry hash personality of this old-school strain.

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