Blue Fin
Blue Fin is a rock-hard mix of Old Time Moonshine and the infamous Cindy 99 that combines hashy Blueberry with uplifting Haze. As an Indica-dominant strain, Blue Fin hits the body like a ton of bricks and finishes in just 8 to 9 weeks indoors!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Blue Fin combines the best of DJ Short’s Old Time Moonshine and the legendary Cinderella 99 for a frickin’ awesome mix of Blueberry hash and uplifting Haze! The results are amazing with huge calyxes, unbelievable resin levels and lightning speed!

    Indoors or greenhouse, Mosca’s Blue Fin Seeds get the job done in 8 to 9 weeks, but this strain isn’t recommended for outdoors. When pollinated, this Indica-dominant hybrid produces some of the biggest, juiciest seeds we’ve ever seen from this top-rated breeder.

    • Old Time Moonshine X Cinderella 99 – Epic!
    • Indica-Dominant Hybrid – Physical!
    • 8 to 9 Week Finish – Fast!
    • Indoors or Greenhouse

    As an Indica-dominant strain, you can expect a relaxing, physical effect from Blue Fin. The exorbitant level of resin and tasty flavour make Blue Fin a prime candidate for hash, but it’s quite enjoyable as is. Enjoy yours!

    Rhino Seeds always ships bona fide Blue Fin Cannabis Seeds from Mosca Seeds, but they don’t resemble this description. Instead, they are dormant collectibles suitable for display or storage. Cultivation and germination are illegal in most parts of the world including the UK.

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    Spanish-born Mosca Seeds is fairly new to the legitimate cannabis scene, but they've been big-time players in the underground auctions for years. Small but powerful just like their infamous Spanish Fly mascot, Mosca Seeds has developed an exclusive set of high-quality regular seeds that are truly astounding! Every single bean is based on the proven power of Cinderella 99 or DJ Short's legendary Old Time Moonshine. They're all awesome, but our absolute fave is a small, apricot-flavoured Indica named Tsi Fly!