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Short Cannabis Strains

Don't Let Their Size Fool You - These Shorties Got It Going On!

Space is Never an Issue with These Short Cannabis Seeds!

Short on space but craving a little somethin', somethin'? These short cannabis seeds are highly collectible whether you're talking patios, balconies, closets or even an empty PC case. Some are too fragrant to be true stealth, but these lovely dwarves always pack a punch!

Take Advantage of Every Inch - Buy Your Short Cannabis Strains from Rhino Seeds Today!

Short Cannabis Strains

Short Cannabis Strains

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The Afgooey is a famous cut from Northern California. Until now a clone-only strain, we are the first to present it in feminised seeds, after successfully reversing it and crossing it onto itself (

Blue Treacle Automatic

Blue Treacle Automatic

Blue Treacle Automatic Redefines Sweeeet!

When Blue Treacle Automatic is on the job, the massive yields, incredible speed & kick-ass effects are just as sweet as the sugary flavours. These AutoFems are unbelievably good!

  • Blueberry X Sweet Tooth Auto - 60-65 Days Total
  • Incredibly Strong, Totally Yummy & Wicked Easy!

CBD Python

CBD Python

6% CBD, 6% THC, 100% Medical!

CBD Python reaches deep to squeeze every last drop of medicinal power from her gene pool! With this blend, you get a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio or slightly better.

  • Short & Sturdy - Weight Bearing
  • 80% Indica - 400 gr/m2 Yields

Chocolate Orange Auto

Chocolate Orange Auto

Fast Finishes, High Yields, Gourmet Flavours

Chocolate Orange Auto is a must-have! In just 60 days, this baby can go all the way to 450 gr/m2 featuring a smooth creamy flavour with a zing of orange zest.

  • Very High Quality - Stunning!
  • Easy to Manage - Short Heights

Critical Auto Feminized

Critical Auto Feminized

It's Not Merely Important - It's Critical Automatic!

We love a cannabis seed that measures in at 20% better than expected. When it comes to outrageous power, unbelievable yields & savage effects, Critical Auto Feminized is the sh*t!

  • 9 Weeks from Seed - Deep, Relaxing Stones
  • 10-20% Better Than Any Other Critical Mass Auto

Double Berry

Double Berry

Double Your Pleasure with Double Berry Seeds!

The tongue might fib, but taste buds never lie! Listen to those babies & they'll tell you that Double Berry is the best weed on the planet. Yes, it really is that good!

  • Mazar-i-Sharif X Skunk #1 - Perfect!
  • Fruity Flavours & Mega-Yields - 450 gr/m2



White Widow X Chronic - 50 Days!

White Widow pairs perfectly with Chronic to create a potent new hybrid that'll leave you spellbound! Hypnotic is a massive yielder with a 50-day finish.

  • Beautiful Structure with Tons of Gleaming Crystals
  • Intense Floral Aromas - Short & Sturdy

Jack 47 Auto

Jack 47 Auto

As the most powerful AutoFem in the world, Jack 47 Auto is in a class all by herself! Jack 47 Auto slays the competition with high-octane power, massive yields and a sweet, lemony flavour. Add in a 9-

Narcotic Kush Auto

Narcotic Kush Auto

Foolproof Indica with 22% THC!

In 60 days or less from seed, Narcotic Kush Auto will make you look like a true pro with serious quantities of dank, hash-smelling buds smothered in THC-enriched trichomes.

  • Beginner Friendly - Mould Resistant
  • 60 Days or Less from the Initial Pop!



G13 Labs Improves OG Kush!

OG13 is an Indica-dominant re-mix of Diesel plus specially selected Thai & Pakistani strains. These weed seeds are astonishingly strong & liberally coated with THC crystals.

  • Recommended for Inside - Loves SOG
  • Fruity & Sweet with Notes of Diesel

Speed Devil Auto

Speed Devil Auto

Get 500-gram yields & intense narcotic effects in just 60 little days from seed with Speed Devil Auto! Although it sounds too good to be true, we promise no oneíll have to sell their soul to get all o

Sweet Cheese Auto

Sweet Cheese Auto

Sweet Cheese Auto takes the checkered flag once again! When itís a race to the finish, this is the Cheese you need. Sweet Cheese Auto gets the job done in just 8 weeks with winning levels of tasty, pu

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