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Introducing the Next Generation of Auto Cannabis Seeds!

Shattering the AutoFem Ceiling with Full-Blown Power, Mega Yields & Low Prices!

Auto Seeds spent three full years perfecting their craft, and these seed dudes really got it right! They hit every stoner’s short list of must-haves to create the most brilliant line of autoflowering cannabis seeds we’ve ever seen.

Short on time? Space challenged? Just greedy? Buy Auto Seeds!

Auto Seeds

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Auto Pounder

Auto Pounder

Measly yields are a thing of the past with Auto Pounder! Easy enough for beginners & productive enough for commercial collectors, Auto Pounder pumps out a full pound per square meter of delicious smok

Auto Seeds Auto #1

Auto Seeds Auto #1

Ready to jump into the autoflowering game? Auto #1 is an affordable & easy launching pad that’s perfect for your first time! Just as fast & powerful as the more expensive AutoFems, Auto #1 packs value

Berry Ryder

Berry Ryder

Dank & fruity, Berry Ryder is a 5-star mix of Original Blueberry & Auto #1 that pops with power! Armed to the teeth with strong uplifting stones, Berry Ryder goes from start to finish in just 60 days,

Hijack Automatic

Hijack Automatic

Hijack Automatic uses AK-47 & Siberian Ruderalis to transform finicky, high-quality Jack Herer into simple autoflowering cannabis seeds. Fast, powerful & prolific, Hijack Automatic has all of original

MiG-29 Automatic

MiG-29 Automatic

Ready for take-off? MiG-29 Automatic is a high-flying powerhouse with monster yields & extreme power thanks to G-13 Haze genetics. Fast, fruity & extremely balanced, MiG-29 Automatic will launch you i

Pineapple Punch

Pineapple Punch

Bursting with power, Pineapple Punch mixes sweet, tropical fruit flavours with intense Indica stones. If you’re not careful, delicious Pineapple Punch will lock you to the couch & keep you there! Full

Polar Express

Polar Express

Catch a ride on the Polar Express for dense, frosty nuggs & incredible power! Polar Express is a NL5/Californa Kush hybrid with just enough Lowryder tossed in to turn this genetic masterpiece into a f

Purple Cheese

Purple Cheese

Blue Cheese lovers take note! Purple Cheese takes the best of Blue Cheese & adds in a little Purple #1 for amped-up colours & a touch more fruit. If you’re looking for a muted Cheese strain that gets

Trans Siberian

Trans Siberian

Trans Siberian is a super-easy, fully automated version of Serious Seeds’ legendary White Russian! It’s just as frosty & strong as ever, and Trans Siberian lets inexperienced collectors shine like sea

Ultra Lemon Haze

Ultra Lemon Haze

A special favourite for Auto Seeds & The Rhino, Ultra Lemon Haze is a sharp, citrus-flavoured Sativa with incredible psychedelic power. Ultra Lemon Haze requires a bit more work than most autoflowerin

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Auto Seeds is On a Mission to Prove Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Kick Ass!

Working out of their not-so-secret laboratory in weed-friendly Spain, Auto Seeds has spent the past few years creating the most stunning line of high-powered autoflowering cannabis seeds the world has ever seen. These tiny dwarves do more than kick ass - they’ll blow your mind!

To cover all their bases, Auto Seeds experimented with crossing old-school classics and legendary Cup winners with a wide variety of Ruderalis strains including the infamous Lowryder to come up with a fr*ckin bad-ass set of autoflowering time bombs! Whether you're a finicky connoisseur or a time-pressed commercial collector, you'll be impressed with the power, the speed, the yield & the effect these turbo-charged beauties have to offer.

  • No Need for Complicated Set-Ups or Expensive Lighting Systems
  • Extremely Fast - Finish in as Little as 55 Days from Seed!
  • Very Easy - Makes First-Timers Look Like Seasoned Pros
  • Multiple Collections in 1 Season Are the Norm!
  • Small & Stealthy - Perfect for Closets, Patios & Guerillas

In our totally biased opinion, Auto Seeds has done more than accomplish their lofty goal. Not only did they prove that their autoflowering cannabis seeds have what it takes to hold their own against the most powerful traditional beans, this motivated breeder has shown that this genre can be even better in every single way! Once you go Auto Seeds, there's no going back. Order yours today!

Completely convinced that you can't live without your own set of genuine Auto Seeds? Wait a minute - it gets even better. When you buy Auto Seeds from Rhino Seeds, you'll get the best prices and the fastest shipping in the UK! It just doesn't get better than that!

Buy High-Performance Auto Seeds From Rhino Seeds For the Best Prices in the UK!

Auto Seeds Summary

  • • Next Generation AutoFems
  • • Absolutely No Compromise
  • • Massive Yields - Killer!
  • • Full-Blown Power - Wicked!

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