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Short Flowering Time

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Want top-shelf smoke? Want it now? The Rhino can't satisfy that demand, but he can do the next best thing. He's put his fastest cannabis seeds on this convenient page. According to the breeder, every strain has an extremely short flowering time. Rhino Seeds sells cannabis seeds for collection purposes only per our disclaimer page.

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Short Flowering Time

Short Flowering Time

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Afghani No 1

Afghani No 1

Afghani No 1 is a traditional landrace strain collected in the mountains of Afghanistan by Sacred Seeds in the 1970s. It was one of the first pure indica true-breeding strains used in worldwide cannab

Big Foot

Big Foot

Far from an unproven myth, Big Foot Feminized is a potent cannabis seed that can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk! Big Foot Feminized delivers on every promise including speed, power, flavour

Haze Special

Haze Special

Haze Special a well known sativa-indica hybrid. Haze Special is a tall cannabis plant with short internodal spacings provides more bud sites promoting greater yields. An early flowering plant requires

Magic Bud Feminised

Magic Bud Feminised

Magic Bud is the finest blend of Indica and Sativa. This plant of fine stature produces beautiful resin coated nugs in a relatively short time, approximately 56 days indoors.

Original Afghani #1

Original Afghani #1

Afghani No 1 is a vigorous growing yet small bushy plant, with a strong stem that is renowned for its strong aroma when flowering. Its classic indica properties and true-breeding nature make it an ide

Royal Queen Critical Feminized

Royal Queen Critical Feminized

Critical: Extreme Speed, Volcanic Yields, Dwarf Size!

At just 50 cm tall, Royal Queen Critical Feminized is simply incredible. This Skunk hybrid pumps out a ton of dank in just 7 weeks or less, & you can't beat that with a Thai stick!

  • Unbelievably Gigantic Yields in 6-7 Weeks
  • Potent Indica-Dom Hybrid - Body & Mind!

Super Skunk

Super Skunk

Faster, Stronger & Stinkier!

To earn her name, Super Skunk beat out the original with a faster finish, stronger high & even stinkier smells. Plus, this Cup-Winner is way easy!

  • Skunk #1 X Afghan Hash Plant
  • Low Maintenance, Thick Resin

White KC

White KC

The White Widow, Afghani and KC33 merged to create this unique hybrid. With Afghani characteristics, these plants grow to a medium height and produces a dense coating of crystals.

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