Kilimanjaro is a PURE and EARLY maturing Sativa that comes all the way from the hillsides of the Kilimanjaro in Kenya and it stands above the rest for its pleasant taste and powerful effect.
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Free shipping and seeds

Kilimanjaro From world of seeds is feminized and available in a 3 or 7 seed pack.

Kilimanjaro is a PURE and EARLY maturing (9-10 weeks) African sativa! She comes all the way from the hillsides of the Kilimanjaro in Kenya. Kilimanjaro is the result of several years of endogenous production by natives who refer to this strain as the “elephant killer”. The native Africans use it in religious rituals and hunting for its cerebrally stimulating effects due to its 18.1% THC content. It is one of the BEST strains for outdoor OR greenhouse cultivation. It can produce competitively compact buds (WITH MOULD RESISTANCE) even when grown in less than ideal conditions. It stands above the rest for its pleasant taste and powerful effect and here at Rhino Seeds, we are glad to honor this strain in our List of Recommended Seeds.

Flowering Time
6-7 weeks
Yield Notes
350 gr per m2 indoor/ 400 – 600 gr per plant outdoor
Flowering Outdoors
lasts days of november outdoor/pollitano
Height Notes
less than 1.5m
Sativa/Indica Notes
100% Sativa
Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
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