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Meet the Rhino Team!

James, Director of Rhino Seeds Sherry, Rhino Seeds Creative Director Jo, Chief Seed Packer Pete, Rhino's Top Coder

The Boss


Creative Director


Chief Logistics Officer


IT Director

Kelly, Customer Retations and PR for Rhino Seeds Joe P, Rhino Seeds Design Guru Sarah, Ouitbound calling for Rhino Seeds MR Big, Rhino Seeds emergency cover

PR & Customer Services

Jo P.

Digital Producer


Inbound Calls Team Leader

Mr Big

SEO Director - Friend of Google

The Rhino - The Rhino definitely has what it takes to make a stubborn breeder budge when no one else can. It might mean tossing the guy in the boot, delivering a few head-butts, grabbing the seeds and making a run for it, or simply crying until they give in, but the Rhino always comes through for his herd (that's you!) He can be a handful, but we all love the big guy!

James - Project manager, master mind and fortune teller extraordinaire, James is the brains behind Rhino Seeds. In addition to setting the direction for the company, making outbound calls and bossing the rest of us around, James has a passion for souped up sports cars and a special kind of brownie.

Kelly - We'd all be lost without Kelly! She handles all those little details that keep this place running including answering your emails, product pricing and coordinating our advertising. Kelly spends way more hours here than she should, but she still finds time to party the night away at least once a week.

Sarah - The always-calm Sarah heads up our inbound call team. In fact, she answers 99% of our calls herself, so be nice! To keep her cool in all situations, Sarah is a firm believer in meditation, yoga and all forms of better living.

Sherry - Sherry is our writer. She's responsible for most of the material on this site including product and breeder descriptions, blog entries, Tweets, Google +1s, newsletters, forum postings and other general silliness and mayhem - including what you read on this page.

Pete - Pete is the latest addition to our rapidly growing IT department. He's partly responsible for our new website, and he's already working on all our enhancement requests. Pete is a hardened coder, but he also loves cycling, apple products and retro gaming.

Joe - As our Chief Logistics Officer, Joe is responsible for getting your cannabis seeds out the door. If you haven't received your parcel, Joe's probably pulling a sickie! Lucky for you (and not so lucky for Joe), she has to report to The Rhino every morning, and he rarely thinks she's too ill to work. Poor Joe!

Jo P - Like the look & feel of the new Rhino Seeds website? Thank Jo P for that - it's very much his brainchild! Jo is very happy with life, and why shouldn't he be? Joe lives downunder & constantly rubs the beaches, sun and bikini chicks into our faces- Arrgghhh!

Mr Big - Don't let the picture or size fool you - Mr Big's a huge softie! He covers Joe when she's away shopping or on holiday, & he takes care of everyone's doggies whenever the need arises. Mr Big is the latest addition to the Rhino team and everyone loves him!