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Ace Seeds China Yunnan Feminized thumbnail

Ace Seeds China Yunnan Feminized

Being an extremely exotic Cannabis variety, it is likely that there is a strong precedence of classical Indicas and South Asian sativas in this ACE Seeds China Yunnan variety. Growing strong and compact with quite wide leaves similar to Hash Plant, quick
Ace Seeds Feminized Mix thumbnail

Ace Seeds Feminized Mix

ACE MIX is recommended for all growers, whether indoors or outdoors, who love their gardens and are committed to looking for unique genetic qualities at an affordable price.
Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized thumbnail

Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized

A rare African Sativa, Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized is highly psychoactive, exceptionally pure & extremely clear. Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized lasts for hours and warms the body with a pleasant tingle!
Green Haze X Chitral Feminized thumbnail

Green Haze X Chitral Feminized

Guawi thumbnail


Originally bred from a beautiful Malawi mother, Guawi is said to be an absolutely incredible clone that produces VAST amounts of trichomes and a particularly high bud to leaf ratio, ultimately making her flowers look astonishing.
Orient Express Feminized thumbnail

Orient Express Feminized

A.C.E. Seeds Orient Express combines the short flowering time from their China Yunnan with the heavy yields of Vietnam Black. Being predominantly an Asian variety, Orient Express is mainly a sativa st
Panama Feminized thumbnail

Panama Feminized

To create Panama, 3 unique strains expressing strong and competitive characteristics were crossed and ultimately became an extremely exotic plant with aromas and flavors that consumers will flock to t
Tikal Feminized thumbnail

Tikal Feminized

Thanks to its Central American genetics, Tikal can tolerate a fair amount of stress with little to no repercussions. On top of all this, Tikal is also a heavy trichome producer, making her flowers vi
Showing 1-8 of 8

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If your success rate leaves something to be desired, step up your game with authentic Ace Feminized Seeds! These cannabis seeds are truly special with the highest level of stability paired with extreme power, lush flavours & impressive yields. Plus, Ace Seeds has one of the highest success rates in the industry. You can't beat that with a sledgehammer!

Although their current selection of stunning feminized seeds is extraordinary, you can expect to see new additions to the Ace Seeds Feminized Collection on a fairly regular basis. These guys thrive on research and development projects so they always have something new in the works. Stay tuned for more!

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