Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized

A rare African Sativa, Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized is highly psychoactive, exceptionally pure & extremely clear. Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized lasts for hours and warms the body with a pleasant tingle!
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Don’t be surprised if you start to hear the faint beat of tribal drums as soon as your order of Ace Seeds Malawi hits your door! This savage landrace strain is just as pure as the day it was discovered in darkest Africa.

Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized Seeds have a refreshing flavour that’s a welcome change from cloying, sugary strains. As this Sativa flows across your palate, the spicy, tropical taste makes you want more & more Malawi!

  • Pure, Landrace Sativa from Africa
  • A Potent, Psychoactive Strain
  • Spicy, Tropical Flavour
  • Long-Lasting, Mentally Clear, Warm & Pleasant

In addition to a clear, psychoactive high, Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized surges through the body with a warm, pleasant tingle that defies explanation. You’ll never forget the pleasures of this top-shelf blaze!

At Rhino Seeds, we never settle for anything less than the freshest Malawi Feminized Cannabis Seeds! However, our dormant souvenirs are intended to be used as collectible items only. They won’t look like this, and it’s illegal to cultivate or germinate your new beans in the UK and most other countries.

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Thc Level ? Low : < 8%
Flowering Time ? 12 weeks
Height notes medium
Flowering Outdoors Late Oct/Nov
Yield ? Good
Yield Notes medium - high
Ace Seeds is more than one of the world's foremost breeders of high-quality cannabis seeds. In fact, that's only a means to an end for these horticultural experts. This group of researchers, breeders and cannabis aficionados is on a mission to preserve, protect and strengthen cannabis genetics through diversity, research and education. Do your part to save the sacred herb by buying high-grade marijuana seeds from Ace Seeds!