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Automatic AK Female

Automatic AK Female: Your Next Weed Weapon!

Introducing Automatic AK Female, the absolute best AK47 on the planet! Be warned: These wicked-good cannabis seeds fly out of the Rhino warehouse as fast as they roll in. Get yours today!

  • Only 65 Days from Seed - 100 Gram Yields!
  • Killer Smoke with Hardcore Power - Very Potent!
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Advanced Female Seeds Fully Tests These AutoFems at Every Stage of the Game!

It's no accident that Advanced Female Seeds breaks records when it comes to unbeatable success rates - they're as close to perfect as you can get! AFS achieves this goal by testing the h*ll out of each and every strain. If your packet of 5-star cannabis seeds have Advanced stamped on the label, they're bullet proof!

This line of 100% feminized seeds is outstanding, but Advanced Female Seeds Automatics are even better! These fully autoflowering seeds are just as powerful and tasty as their more traditional sisters, but they get the job done way faster. If you don't have time to kill, these are your go-to beans!

So what makes Advanced Female Seeds Automatics better than your run-of-the-mill autoflowering seed? Location, location, location! This breeder chose sun-kissed Spain as their stomping grounds. Because cannabis naturally thrives in this part of the world, the environment is perfect for propagating little masterpieces that are stronger, healthier and just plain better than seeds from any other part of the world!

To date, Advanced Female Seeds only has one fully autoflowering cannabis seed in their lineup, but she's a true stunner. Automatic AK Female is one of the top-selling AutoFems at Rhino Seeds, and by the feedback we've received, she's everything AFS promises & more! The Rhino keeps begging for more from this breeder, and we're hoping we can add more Advanced Female Seeds Automatics soon. Stay tuned!

At Rhino Seeds, our herd is quick to let us know what they like & what they don't like about our 5-star cannabis seeds and our value-added services. So far, The Rhino's discreet packaging, 100% delivery guarantee and best price promise are almost as popular as our fabulous like of super-potent weed seeds. Give us a try & find out what all the fuss is about!

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