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Afropips is Ready & Waiting to Take You on a Wild Weed Safari!

Ready for a little THC-enriched adventure? Afropips can deliver that and more! Specializing in the richest African genetics, this breeder offers both energizing Sativas and more laid-back & relaxing Indicas as well as more than a few mixed hybrids.

As a close & personal friend (maybe even a distant relative), Afropips delivers nothing but the freshest cannabis seeds to The Rhino. Every batch has been recently harvested & each bean is roaring to go! Totally organic, these medicinal seeds are bursting with power and overflowing with general goodness. We highly recommend each and every strain in this collection.

Along with Afropips extraordinary quality, you'll get all the Rhino perks with each pack of fabulously exquisite marijuana seeds. We back every order with our trademarked best-price promise, a 100% delivery guarantee, absolutely discreet packaging & a big, old, wet Rhino kiss to seal the deal! Sounds tempting, huh?

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