How to Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoins


1.Create Wallet & Get Bitcoins

Create a Bitcoin wallet where you can securely store bitcoins.

At you should:

  a) Register at

  b) Add Payment Method (Credit/Debit/Bank Acct).

  c) Buy Bitcoins.


2. Order on Rhino Seeds

  a) Choose Pay by Bitcoin and complete Checkout.

  b) Copy Bitcoin Address & Amount.


3. Pay Rhino Seeds with Bitcoins

Send Bitcoins from your wallet to Rhino.

 a) Send Bitcoin to Rhino Seeds. Use Bitcoin Address & Amount given previously in step 2.

IMPORTANT: You only have 15 minutes to pay the Bitcoin invoice before it expires - if it does expire you will need to either make a new order, or get in touch with us so we handle the payment directly.


Don't have a Webcam? You can use your smartphone to verify your ID by downloading the Coinbase app - try one of the buttons below!