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Every Breeding Project is a Labour of Love at Bodhi Seeds!

At Bodhi Seeds, creating magnificent new genetic blends is definitely a family affair. Almost every member of the breeding crew is related in one way or another, and even the breeding stock is treated like a bunch of spoiled children. Virtually every mom & pop is collected or sprouted by hand - with love and treated with affection. Everything is 100% organic & no harsh, toxic chemicals ever touch the children. Isn't that how you would do it?

  • Bodhi Seeds is a 100% Organic Breeder
  • Rare Genetics & Landrace Strains
  • Some Very Special Limited Edition Seeds
  • All Regular Seeds - Non-Feminized

The breeders at Bodhi Seeds have a gentle touch, but there's nothing meek or mild about their outrageous line of high-powered cannabis seeds. Described by Bodhi as a sensual couchlocker, you'll be blown away by the super-potent Tranquil Elephantizer, an authentic 1988 >b>G-13 hybrid.

If maximum flavour is your goal, you have to give Blood Orange Seeds a try - this elegant bean mixes pineapple, lemon, elderberry & other fruit flavours with silly grins & plenty of laughter. That's just two examples of the greatness that is Bodhi Seeds!

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