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Afghani Dream

We have continued to inbred and improve our Afghani#1 line and have produced an F-4 that we feel is one of the purest, most potent Indica varieties in the world. It has extremely broad, dark green leaves, compact growth pattern, dense internodes and abund
Big Blue thumbnail

Big Blue

Northern Lights #5 x Blueberry. High yielding plant grown in soil or in hydroponics. Buds have a dried grape aroma and taste, very potent. Great commercial strain for sea of green gardens.
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Blueberry x Haze. Soaring cerebral high, delicious Haze taste.
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Cali Miss

Haze x Five-O. Exotic taste and sweet smell, good yield, great quality. Expect variation, so select and clone for production.
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Northern Lights #5 x Afghani. Strong narcotic stone. Excellent for "sea of green" or smaller spaces. Mold-resistant.
Electric Haze thumbnail

Electric Haze

Northern Lights #5 x Haze. Large growing plants with big leaves and light green buds. Extremely sweet smell. Clean, cerebral buzz from the pure sativa.
Jack thumbnail


Jack is our version of the three way hybrid between Northern Lights#5, Skunk#1 and pure haze that won the 1995 Cannabis Cup. Renowned for it's uplifting high and good yield. Jack is an excellent strain for Sativa/Haze lovers who want a bit quicker finish
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Maui Mist

Hawaiian Indica x Haze. Good yields of high quality connoisseur buds. Hybrid vigour and fast growth. Large branchy plants outdoors with massive yields in equatorial climates. Very sweet tasting buds with abundant resin.
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Northern Light 5

This state of the art Indica is the result of over 25 years of selective breeding. We have bred for vigorous growth, high yield and a superb high. A must for growers who prefer short bushy plants. The buds have an extemely frosted, resinous appearance. Tr
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Super Kush

Northern Lights #5 x Kush. Large round buds on a short stocky growing plant. Great tasting buds with a thick smooth smoke. High calyx-to-leaf ratio.
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