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Caribbean Female thumbnail

Caribbean Female

Carribbean is Cannabiogens finest sativa strain, Caribbean adapts well to all climates and is highly resistant to disease and mildew in humid climates. The long flowering period is more than made u
Destroyer Female thumbnail

Destroyer Female

This is a STATE OF THE ART Cannabis Sativa strain with an exotic dominance of Thai. The small, but numerous flowers are so covered in trichomes that with 2 square mm, there have been 92 bulbous stalk
Leshaze Female thumbnail

Leshaze Female

Rare and exotic, Leshaze Feminized draws her power from the mystical mountains deep within the remote African Kingdom of Lesotho. To round out this Sativa, Leshaze Feminized’s other side is an intense
Sandstorm Female thumbnail

Sandstorm Female

Sandstorm produces thick and dense buds with a distinctive sweet and pungent aroma of musk. Sandstorm is Cannabiogen's pure Indica descendent from just a few seeds which were rescued from a highly pot
Sugar Loaf Feminized thumbnail

Sugar Loaf Feminized

A vigorous F1 hybrid, Sugar Loaf Feminized is filled with psychoactive power! This top-quality cannabis seed is a little trippy and highly productive. Make sure you give Sugar Loaf Feminized plenty of
Taskenti Feminized thumbnail

Taskenti Feminized

Taskenti Feminized is a hash lover’s dream seed! Extremely resinous & aromatic, Taskenti Feminized is a very stable Uzbekistan Indica with high yields and extreme power. These cannabis seeds are best
Showing 1-6 of 6

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