Leshaze Female
Rare and exotic, Leshaze Feminized draws her power from the mystical mountains deep within the remote African Kingdom of Lesotho. To round out this Sativa, Leshaze Feminized’s other side is an intense mix of Dutch Skunk and Haze. Potent and high-yielding,
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    Free shipping and seeds

    Leshaze Feminized is a complex mix of African genetics and a Dutch Skunk/Haze blend. The African side of the family was developed from a hardy mountain strain discovered deep within the remote Kingdom of Lesotho, a very small dominion completely surrounded by South Africa.

    This Sativa-dominant hybrid is very stable for the most consistent results. For a Sativa, Leshaze Feminized Seeds mature very early while providing generous yields of sweet, spicy nuggs coated in glistening resin.

    • Lesotho Mountain Stock X Dutch Skunk/Haze
    • Sativa-Dominant – For the Head
    • Sweet & Spicy – Scrumptious!
    • Green, Purple & Glistening with Resin

    Over time, Leshaze Feminized develops an attractive green and purple appearance and an intense, unmistakable aroma. Potent, tasty, aromatic, high-yielding and good looking – what more could you want?

    Rhino Seeds has a batch of rare Leshaze Feminized Cannabis Seeds, but your order won’t look like this description. These are dormant beans meant for collection purposes only. In the UK and many other countries, cultivating or germinating cannabis seeds is illegal.

    5 seeds
    A great Sativa - just what I always wanted!
    Eddie - 11 September 2012 00:34:38

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