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Ceres Indoors Mix thumbnail

Ceres Indoors Mix

The Indoor Mix is simply a hodge podge of the available Cannabis seeds suitable for indoor cultivation! It is just the best from Ceres Seeds in one pack!
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Ceres Kush

With roots stemming from Afghanistan and India, Kush has made a glorious come back. This Cannabis variety grows dense flowers on a short and tight plant. It has a taste similar to hashish and a very comfortable and settling high
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Ceres Skunk

Fruity Thai thumbnail

Fruity Thai

It is known as ‘The Indica That Gets You High’. Like most Indicas, heady highs and cerebral effects aren’t necessarily the most common whereas body lock stones and relaxation are the norm.
Northern Lights x Skunk #1 thumbnail

Northern Lights x Skunk #1

This is simply an F1 super hybrid that continuously amazes both professional and connoisseur!! Aside from that, beginners will do well with this strain because of its stability and persistence under most conditions!
White Indica thumbnail

White Indica

This is a quick flowering variety with tight flowers that are saturated with trichomes that also produces heavily and gives an intense stone. With its big leaves that are easy to trim and manicure, this is also a commercial boomer!
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Jaw-Dropping Good Dutch Cannabis Seeds - The Real Deal Holyfield!

Ceres Seeds started their shop with the original Jamaican, Thai and Columbian cannabis seeds that filled the Amsterdam coffeeshop menus before hyped-up, modern strains took over. If you're looking for authentic Dutch smoke, this is it!

Most of these legendary marijuana seeds were primarily Sativa, but Ceres Seeds also has some of Holland's best old-school Indicas. This combination makes Ceres Seeds the best source for authentic Dutch weed seeds.

Whether you're looking for a classic strain or a smokin' hot new cannabis seed, Rhino Seeds is the place to be! The Rhino travels far & wide to bring the UK the best selection of the freshest weed seeds at the lowest possible prices. And he even tosses in absolutely discreet packaging and a 100% delivery guarantee with every order just because he cares!

Add a Piece of Weed History to Your Collection - Buy Ceres Seeds Today!