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Rhino Seeds is the Only Seedbank That Supports Worthy Charities!

Not only that, but The Rhino personally chips in an additional 20% with every donation. His heart is even bigger than his leathery bum!

After you add your choice of 5-star cannabis seeds from the Rhino Seeds' online shop to your cart, visit this page to pick a Rhino-sponsored charity that speaks to your heart. It only costs a small amount, much less than a one-pack of our cheapest marijuana seeds, but the warm feeling you'll get in return is priceless!

Plus, if you believe in Karma, this certainly couldn't hurt. And, doesn't every cannabis seed collector need all the good luck they can get? We certainly think so!

To start, our list of authorized charities will be fairly small, and it may change frequently as new causes are brought to The Rhino's attention and older charities meet their goals. But we'll always have at least one way that you can do your part to make the world a better place at all times.

Don't Cheap Out - Give Just a Little & Get Back So Much More!