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The White Widow crossed with Hazed and Skunk inspires this unique brainstorm. This long lasting narcotic high will have you crawling back for more of this amazing marijuana. Lay back and reach for unk
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Easy Rider

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Ingemar\'s Punch

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This new White Widow variety is made with secret genetics. And with good reason: the white layers of crystals that cover this lemon smelling cannabis plant are abundant. The high is overwhelming and p
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Magic Crystal

This is a combination of White Widow and California Orange which gives a strong and fruity flavour. This succulent blend is truly magic. Magic Crystal is a cannabis variety which is good for a stoned
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Master Haze

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Merlin\'s Dream

Merlin\'s Dream has the taste of Afghani/Hindu Kush. Fragrant fat buds on an almost Bonsai-like cannabis bush. This marijuana species gives a lifting positive high.
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Mistery Widow

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Peace Maker

In times of uncertainty and unrest Peacemaker is here to calm things down. Peace Maker from De Sjamaan is a wildly fruity strain backed with a collection of trophies. High Times Cannabis Cup 1997
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Purple Widow

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Shaman\'s High

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Thai Widow

When you combine White Widow and Super Thai you get long sticky buds in a tall graceful cannabis plant. Marijuana which is instant and powerful. A cannabis variety with an en extraordinary high. Thai
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White Skunk

This is a combination of White Widow and Super Skunk which gives this short plant a huge yield. The female plants produce fat pungent buds. White skunk is a cannabis variety which is good for a stoned
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White Widow

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Widow 2004

An amazingly high amount of crystals cover this plant. The powerful feeling that this marijuana plant gives will enhance your day to the full extent. We are happy & proud to present this new wonder of
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Widow Skunk

Widow Warrior thumbnail

Widow Warrior

A tough Durban Sativa was improved for years before crossing it with the Master Widow. This is a strong bushy cannabis plant with tight buds. This marijuana species grows very large. The sweet taste o
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De Sjamaan Rules Supreme!

In 2004, Ingemar (Amsterdam's top breeder) got tired of creating best-selling cannabis seeds for other seed companies and decide to open De Sjamaan Seeds. With White Widow, Peace Maker & other top strains to his credit, we think he's definitely earned the title of unofficial King of Amsterdam!

Ingemar has also earned the right to name a high-powered marijuana seed in his own honour. De Sjamaan Seeds' Ingemar's Punch is a real knockout with a sweet Skunk flavour and twice the power of Master Widow. We swear you will not be disappointed with this epic strain!

Of course, you'll never be disappointed when you shop for high-powered De Sjamaan cannabis seeds at Rhino Seeds. We're proud to offer our best-price promise, a 100% delivery guarantee and extremely discreet packaging with every order. Enjoy your stay!

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