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OG Kush thumbnail

OG Kush

It’s true! From bag seed, some lucky stoner struck gold with OG Kush, the world’s most expensive & in-demand smoke. OG Kush cannabis seeds are expensive, but they’ll definitely pay you back 10-fold gi
OG LA Affie thumbnail

OG LA Affie

The Original Afghan Bombay Kush

A classic medicinal seed, OG LA Affie is pure Indica with an energetic effect followed by a velvet sledgehammer guaranteed to knock you out for the count.

  • Very Fast - 45 to 56 Days on Average
  • Potent Medical Marijuana Seeds
ReCon Feminized thumbnail

ReCon Feminized

Rocklock Feminized thumbnail

Rocklock Feminized

Dripping in THC crystals like a true diva, Rocklock Feminized hits your body like a steamroller! Rocklock Feminized is a couchlocking Indica with high yields and hardcore medicinal properties!
Sharksbreath thumbnail


Sharksbreath Feminized is a true champion with a win at the prestigious Spannabis Cup. Her unique flavour and aroma gave Sharksbreath Feminized a connoisseur-grade quality, but this Indica-dominant hy
Silver LA thumbnail

Silver LA

Excellent for Tasty Concentrates

Silver LA is a great choice. In addition to an outstanding terpene profile & insanely good flavour, these feminized seeds have enough THC to knock you right off your feet!

  • Silver Bubble X LA Confidential
  • 60% Indica, 8 Weeks, 500 gr/m2
Sleestack thumbnail


Sleestacks Buds are frosty with loads of resin. This is the ultimate hash making plant, the yields are massive and the flavor awesome!
Sour Cream Feminized thumbnail

Sour Cream Feminized

Sour Secret thumbnail

Sour Secret

Warning: High Voltage

If you look real close, every single Sour Secret Seed carries that warning. Or they should. They maximum potency in just 9 weeks - lightweights, stand back!

  • Sour Diesel X LA Confidential
  • 80% Indica, 20% Sativa, 500 gr/m2
Stacked Kush thumbnail

Stacked Kush

Incredibly Dense & Rocky

DNA didn't name this gleaming beauty Stacked Kush for nothing! Calyx flows into swollen calyx for uninterrupted goodness. It'll be cola city in just 8 short weeks!

  • 60% Sativa, 40% Indica, 100% Kush
  • Insane Crystal Formations - She's Sticky!
Super Cannalope Feminised thumbnail

Super Cannalope Feminised

Close your eyes and picture this: a massive cola that’s so filled with blue crystals and orange hair that you can barely see any green. If this sounds like heaven to you, welcome to the world of Super
Tangie thumbnail



DNA's Tangie is batting 1000 & that's impossible to beat. Known as Tangerine Dream in the 90s, these weed seeds are potent & sticky with a thick citrus aroma.

  • Amazing Flavour - Great for Concentrates
  • A Real Monster Outside with Early Finishes
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