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This plant is an AK 47 selection, a very desired variety in the feminised seeds market.
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Dark Widow

Dark widow is one of the best skunk smokes available - the flavor is like no other and the high is clean and uplifting. Dutch Quality Seeds have certainly surprised up with this engineered cannabis strain - we hop more will follow!
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Dutch Quality Seeds Jack Herer Feminised

Jack Herer Feminized: Livin' the Dream!

Named for a weed legend, Jack Herer is an epic cannabis seed that's reached mythic proportions in her own right. Everyone should try this beast at least once - order now!

  • Electrifying Sativa Power & Bone-Rattling Indica Stones
  • Resin So Thick It's Almost Frightening
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This is a very special variety to us, and we really recommend it. This strain comes from the famous AK-47 and the tasty Bubble Gum, blended in a gorgeous variety. A wonderful taste even compared to our Northern Lights and Shark, which are famous for the
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Mazari skunk

Mazari Skunk is a mainly indica strain - infact 75% indica and 25% Sativa, Mazari Skunk will provide a hard hitting stone coupleled with its distinctively unique mazari flavor!
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New York Diesel

Re-worked, Re-strained and re-engineered, Dutch Quality have created the ultimate super hybrid New york Diesel. If you're a fan of NYC - you must try this - its an all round improvement!
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Power Plant

Dutch Quality Power Plant really is the very best power plant we have ever seen - ever!! In germination tests is wins hands down, and the breeders have managed to squeeze the most THC from this plant - a staggering 17% THC!!
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Skunk 1

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Strawberry Smile

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White Shark

This mighty white strain from Dutch quality seeds is sure to please - great yielding, ice coated buds within 8 weeks!! White Shark is Dutch Quality Seeds version of the Greenhouse Great White Shark - we would say that these were a good alternative!!
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White Weed

This is Dutch Quality Seeds White Strain - and its very white indeed, leaves and buds of this plant are covered with crystal, this mainly sativa strain will grow to a manageable height and will produce a crop that is well worth the wait!
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